How To Control Your Impulse Buying

Many people are guilty of impulse shopping. A great sale, Instagram ads that caught your eye or buying something as a form of retail therapy, I am guilty of falling for all of these. After years of giving into great deals and pretty things, I realized that when it came time to clean out my closet most of the things that were first to go were things that I bought impulsively. I had to develop some tips and tricks to cut out impulse spending. Save some room in your closet for the things that you truly want.

Unsubscribe from all retailer emails

Brand Gloss

I always hated the idea of this because “what if I missed out on a coupon or the chance to get something on sale?!”. But in order to not be tempted, I unsubscribe from all retailer emails and turned off notifications from apps, like Target for example. In case I ever wanted to subscribe to the emails again I wrote down all of the emails I was unsubscribing from just in case.

Create a new list

While getting dressed every day, note the items that you need to add to your wardrobe for an upcoming season. Maybe you are in desperate need of a new white T-shirt or your summer look would be complete if you just had a new pair of sandals. This can also include outfits you may need for upcoming events or a special occasion you may have. Having this list on your phone makes it easier to go shopping. So the next time you were at target and you spot something cute check your list. If it’s not on the list it does not get purchased. This has really helped me avoid buying things on a whim just because they are cute, not because I need them.

Brand Gloss

Steer clear of clearance

I often pride myself on how many items I have found for pennies on the dollar on the clearance rack. I still browse the racks to see what is available but the same rules apply. I do not purchase something unless it’s on my list. The great thing about having your list is that it can go for all seasons. Let’s say you wanted some new chunky sweaters but never found the right ones during the winter. Clearance is a great place to find those items marked down. One of my favorite things is buying off-season clothes and then opening my drawers next winter to find brand new pieces ready for the season. It’s like a gift I give myself.

The waiting game

I myself am guilty of clicking on Facebook ads and then loading up a cart full of items from some boutique that I never knew existed. When I’m done shopping I exit the page. Most carts will sit for a few days before the site empties them for you. Amazon will sit forever. In order to see if I really want them, I give myself two days without looking at them or re-opening the site. If after two days or more I still find myself yearning for those items or wanting to go back and check out I do after reevaluating my original choices. If I have forgotten all about them, then the internet will take care of emptying my cart for me. Some sites will send you reminder emails with coupons or just a preview of your selected pieces, do not be tempted. By waiting you’ll determine if you really wanted those items and will shake off the impulsiveness of the purchase.

Shop with a stylist

One service I offer is a guided shopping trip. I take my clients to pre-selected stores based on their needs and we shop together. I help my clients find the best pieces based on their needs and also avoid purchasing items that they may be tempted to buy. Having someone with you to keep you accountable can make all the difference in the world in what you actually walk out of the store with. Interested in learning more about my styling services? Send me an email at so we can get started!


Personal Styling

In Home Or Online Styling

Edit and organize: Having a closet that is not organized can affect your style. We will go through your closet and edit out the pieces that are no longer serving you during our scheduled time together. A lot of people don’t know what they have because they have not gone all the way through their closets in years. After the edit, everything that remains I’ll go back into your closet in an organized way to better help your day-to-day style. This service pairs great with Restyling.

Re-style: Many people tell me they have a closet full of clothes but only wear the same five outfits. Bringing in a stylist is a great way to rework your current pieces. We will go through your current wardrobe in just one or two days. I will help you style new looks for your everyday life using pieces you currently have. We can also develop a shopping list to help fill the gaps in your closet. Add-on service: Guided shopping.

Guided shopping trip: Shop along with a stylist. We will shop at predetermined stores for specific pieces while guiding you on what to look for when shopping, including proper fit, avoiding impulse buying, and where to shop based on your needs.

Getaway Styling: Planning a trip or vacation? Let a stylist help you style and pack the perfect looks! During our time together, I will help create looks for your trip based on your destination and itinerary. This includes a digital packing list and style guide to use while packing and during your travels.

Investment: Styling services are typically billed hourly unless they are contracted otherwise. All services have a two-hour minimum and include travel time. Each client will receive a quote for the estimated time needed to complete our styling work together. Send an email now to or complete the form below to receive your custom styling plan and estimate.

Buttons, Wraps and Secret Flaps

The post partum wardrobe edit

Big life changes are one of the main reasons people hire a stylist. Having a baby, fluctuations in weight, or moving into a different chapter of your career are all major reasons to update your wardrobe. Having a baby of my own now meant that I needed a few new pieces that were breast feeding friendly. Being able to transition these into my normal wardrobe was so important. As most of you know, I don’t love spending a ton of money on pieces for just one season of my life. Everything I am showing today is under $40. I also love to marry style and function. Each of these pieces are so functional for my new life as a mom but also keep me feeling stylish.

So much of your body changes after having a baby. For me I came home and didn’t necessarily need my maternity clothes but also was struggling to fit in a lot of my pre-baby clothes. Not to mention needing constant access for breast-feeding. It was just one of those things that I didn’t think about until it was actually happening. I love a good styling challenge just as much as I did dressing my growing pregnant body. I am trying my best to completely embraced the changes my body has gone through. It’s hard to see the stretch marks in the mirror and to not be able to button some of my favorite jeans just yet. Finding pieces that make me feel good, comfortable, and practical all at the same time has kept my spirits up for sure! I never underestimate the power the clothes can give you. Who says that you can’t be confident, comfortable and practical all at the same time?

Looking to update your wardrobe for your major life changes? Send me an email at to find out more about my styling process and how we can work together.


Baby Favorites

I am officially 6 weeks into being a mom and wow how life has changed. One thing I have learned is that no two moms have the same experiences. What works for one mom and baby may not be relevant to another. It is so important to respect what works for each family. We are all just trying to figure it out after all. In these first few weeks when baby mostly just wants to eat, sleep and poop there are still a few products that have stood out to me.

Babies Brew – This portable bottle warmer has been a life saver. Being able to warm up his bottle without a cup of hot water is great when we are in the car or out and about.

Breast Friend For the breastfeeding mamas, this thing is SO MUCH BETTER than a boppy! (I said it) It may not have as many cute colors or covers but I love the flat top and width. The baby is not going to roll off and sometimes I can feed him handsfree.

Cosmetic mini fridge I do not pump at night but if I did this is a great alternative to going downstairs to put my milk away. I do where a Hakkaa on the side he is not feeding on to catch any leaks. I store that milk in this little fridge for the night. Almost every night I can get an ounce or two just by taking the time to catch those drops.

Oh Baby Devotional I have always loved a devotional, this one is tailored towards my new life as a mom.

Love to dream or Velcro Swaddle, Some people hate these but I love them. Trying to swaddle with blankets is an art form that I was not able to master. The love to dream allows your baby to sleep arms up which may be more comfortable for some.

Honeypot MAMA collection wipes, foaming wash, and pads that make everything more comfortable. This turned out to be such a useful gift I received for postpartum. Cannot recommend enough even for once your period returns these are great products!

Stroller fan The moment we got Jackson home I wanted to take him on walks. The second it got warm outside this fan was amazing.

Electric Nail file I don’t know how other moms have the courage to cut their nails with anything other than this file. So simple and ouch proof!

Portable breast pump If you were planning to pump I highly recommend getting a battery-powered pump so you are not chained to the wall. Even just being able to do my hair or walk around the house while pumping is a game changer. I got the blue spectra pump and it has been great. Be sure to check with your insurance to see what free pumps are available to you.

Electric nose sucker I decided early on that I could not stomach sucking boogers from my baby’s nose. This has made it so easy and he truly does not mind it at all. No stuffy nose here!

Hakkaa as I mentioned, I love wearing this to collect any leaks. Perfect for feeding, pumping or in an emergency, a great hand pump.

Butt spatula, we have three of these, one upstairs, one on our portable changing table downstairs, and one in the diaper bag.

I am nowhere near expert level when it comes to parenthood and Products but I can speak from experience about each of these and how helpful they have been. Hopefully, these suggestions help you on your new journey into parenthood.


5 Things People Forget To Budget For Their Wedding

Any bride knows the little things can add up quickly. One of the first pieces of wedding planning is setting a budget. Of course, it is hard to include every single little detail in your initial budgeting. I try and help my clients include as much as they possibly can from the get-go. Today I am sharing a few details that not only can add up but also are commonly forgotten in the budgeting phase.

Dress alterations – This can be an easy $1000 that people forget about. This is also something to keep in mind while shopping for your dress.

Sabrina Boykin Photography

Food the day of your wedding while getting ready – So many couples forget that breakfast and lunch will occur during the craziness of your wedding day. Not eating, will help no one! Scheduling lunch delivery, catering trays, a few bottles of champagne, or even room service at the hotel are all great ideas, but they can lead to an additional hundred (s) dollars on your final bill.

Outfit options for the bachelorette party, honeymoon, engagement photos, and rehearsal dinner. If there was ever a time when it seems rational to buy a special outfit, this is it. Of course, you want a new dress for each of these occasions. On average, women will buy at least 3 new looks for each of these occasions. Add a line item to your budget so you have something stashed away for these special outfits. Remember to return the rejected options to help your bottom line.

Gifts for family, and wedding party – Many couples love to give gifts to their wedding party and family leading up to the wedding. Budgeting for these gifts can easily be a few hundred dollars to be prepared for. Many brides often give their bridesmaid’s gifts multiple times, bridesmaid proposal boxes, some sort of gift for the bachelorette party, and then wedding day gifts. Family and the groomsmen often received gifts for the wedding day as well. Make sure not to forget this one on your budget.

Postage for invites, save the dates, thank you notes, and RSVP cards – Stamps are .58 cents each. Talk about something that can add up quickly! Calculating this expense is fairly easy and can be easy to budget for from the get-go.

Sabrina Boykin Photography

I am a firm believer that planning and preparation can help save money on your bottom line. I hope these tips will help you on your planning journey. If you need more help planning your big day, send me an email at to find out more about how I can help.


Gifts For The New Parents

The baby boom of 2022 is here! I can not tell you how many new mamas I am seeing pop up this year, some say as an aftereffect of the pandemic. Either way, I feel lucky to be in the company of many other pregnant women or new mamas around me as I go through my first pregnancy as well. Getting to meet a friend or family member’s baby for the first time can be so sweet and special. For me, the idea of bringing a small gift for the family or the baby says that you are thinking of them. After a baby shower and months of baby prep, what does someone actually need? Today I am sharing a few ideas, at a variety of price points, of gifs for a new mom or family.

Meal Train: Setting up a meal train through is one of the simplest ways to help out. It won’t cost you anything other than the meal you choose to bring.

Coffee for the parents: Arriving to meet the baby, the parents are often a few days into parenthood and are likely exhausted already. Seeing their favorite large Starbucks drink come through the door might be just the pick-me-up they need. I know if someone brings me a venti wet cappuccino and a piece of lemon cake, I will be one happy camper.

A gift basket for the family: Putting together a few things in a basket always looks so nice and does not have to cost a fortune. A basket from the dollar tree or dollar spot at Target can quickly be filled with some pick-me-ups. Fresh flowers, a door dash gift card, a 4 pack of coffee, a set of socks, or a pacifier for the baby. All these little things on a bed of tissue paper or shredded paper looks so thoughtful coming through the door. If you are looking to ship something, this basket from Etsy is a great alternative.

Something for the baby: Some people love to bring a gift for just the baby, it is their party after all. I love the idea of something different than what you gave him or her at the shower. Maybe a small book, rubber blocks, cute little PJs, or if you have time, a sweet framed photo for their nursery.

Something just for Mom and Dad: When my friends started having babies I did not know what they needed but my focus was on “How can I help my friends when everyone else is focused on the baby?”

Gifts for just Mom:

Honest Company Kit – $74.99

Mama sweatshirt – 32.00

Encouraging Pumping water bottle – Amazon $11.99

Gifts for just Dad:

A new daddy survival crate – $79.99

Cupcake tray – Baske by Melissa – $32.00

New Dad mug – Etsy $13.95

A few other reminders for visiting a new baby for the first time

  • Always ask before holding the baby
  • Wash your hands before holding the baby
  • Do not come over if you are sick
  • Do not kiss the baby
  • Do not post about the baby on social media before the parents
  • Respect any schedule the parents may be trying to develope
  • Know when it is time to leave

I hope these tips and ideas help you spoil the new family in your life.


Pregnant Mama Ready Viewing

In my last few days of pregnancy, I am sitting around looking at all the baby gear set up around my house waiting for our little boy. Since everything is as ready as it could be for our baby to come home, I am looking for different ways to distract myself. Watching simple or even trashy TV is such an easy way to relax and kill time. I have compiled a list of movies and episodes of some of my favorite shows all on theme, baby theme.

Baby Mama

What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Father of the Bride II

Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Season 4 Episode 11- Baby Mason


Reba – Season 1, Episode 22 – It Ain’t Over Until the Redhead Sings


Life As We Know It

The Office – Season 6, Delivery Part 1 and 2

Friends – Season 8, Part one, Where Rachel Has Her Baby

I hope these selections help another pregnant mama pass the time until your due date. Or at least supply a few laughs along the way.


Oh Baby Shower

I will be honest, I never gave too much thought to my baby shower. When it came time to plan the big day, I was not a lot of help from the get-go. My mom and sister did a fabulous job picking up the slack for my creatively exhausted mind. Today I am sharing the details from my Vintage Winnie the Pooh shower.

Venue: Willow Oaks Country Club

Food: Catering from Willow Oaks brunch buffet menu with a few tweaks. It was so great being able to customize the brunch menu to fit our budget and taste.

The Menu:

  • Bacon
  • Chicken and waffles
  • Biscuits
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Assorted pastries
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Tea, lemonade and coffee

Dessert: Publix and Copy Cat Cakes

Like most people, I found a beautiful cake on Pinterest during my planning search. Copy Cat Cakes did such a fabulous job recreating this Winnie the Pooh cake design, it was one of the most noticed details. From Publix we had chocolate-covered strawberries, petit fours, and macaroons. I love styling a dessert table and this one was no exception. We used a combination of cake stands and wood slab trays to display the different desserts.

Decor: Amazon, Etsy and Party City

There were so many great touches that brought the theme to life. including Winnie the Pooh backdrops, diaper raffle cards, game boards, oversized balloons, hanging charters, greenery, and “Honey pots” to hold the flower arrangements. We painted terracotta pots with “honey” coming over the side and added Pooh’s signature handwriting to the side for each table. I used mason jars inside each pot to hold the water for the flowers. As the florist in the family, I was all too happy to create the centerpieces. White hydrangeas, white roses, and yellow billy balls made these sweet arrangements come to life.

Games: Diaper raffle, A-Z baby addition, baby BINGO, scratch-off lottery tickets, how well do you know the mom?

I am all about the cheesy games! Etsy has made it easy to customize and select different games for your shower. We were able to find on theme boards on Etsy and printed them off on cardstock. I think for timeline purposes, games are a great way to break things up. Filling in your BINGO board can be done while people eat and get settled, the scratcher we did last so people did not get up and leave the second the gifts were done. Placing games throughout the event gives people something to do and can give guests something to talk about if they do not know a bunch of other people there.

My classy and classic shower was so beautiful. I was am so thankful to everyone who came and helped me celebrate our little boy. I am so thankful for the love that my mom and sister clearly have for me. Planning an event for someone is nothing short of an act of love. I am always so appreciative when an event is then for me. I know first hand all of the time and money that goes into something so fabulous.


Staples For Maternity Style

Being pregnant is different for every woman. Everyone’s body changes in different ways. My best advice is to own those changes and embrace your new curves. One thing I have noticed while being pregnant myself is that there are so many brands, companies, and ads coming at you claiming you must have this that, and the other. Just like being a bride, being pregnant is temporary. I am very passionate about saving my clients money and time when it comes to temporary moments in their lives. Today I have compiled a few chic staples maternity pieces that will help you use your existing wardrobe at its maximum capacity.

Maternity leggings

Around month 3 regular leggings don’t cut it anymore. That band around your waist is cutting into you and a pair of standard black maternity leggings will change your life. I personally love these basic black leggings from Motherhood Maternity. I personally got 2 pairs! Bottoms and pants will become your most needed items quickly.

Versatile maternity jeans

I love a jean and T-shirt look even while pregnant. Finding a great mid to dark wash jean will be great addition to your wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed up or down making them perfect for some business days or casual weekends.

A midi-length skirt

The majority of my pregnancy was spent in the winter and I loved having this option. I could wear a T shirt knotted in the front or a sweater with a french tuck in the front. Not to mention a great option with boots! I found this one on Shein, very thin, it is from Shein but it still gives me the look I want without spending a lot.

A basic dress

This is one item that does not have to be maternity. Having a go-to dress, tight or loose that you can dress u or down with your new belly is very important. For me, I have loved a T-shirt dress or a body con style dress in black. I love this one from H&M or a simple A-line dress like this from Target

Comfy jammies for your growing belly

I completely underestimated how quickly I would grow out of my PJs. Even just having a pair of maternity pj pants will do wonders paired with a big T-shirt. Old navy has a lot of fun prints for two-piece pants and tops. If nightgowns are more your speed, I got the next size up of this Stars Above gown from Target. I love the fabric so much, so soft and comfortable.

I hope these pieces help expand your existing wardrobe so you can save your money for the more important parts of maternity like preparing for motherhood. If you are looking for a wardrobe refresh before or after baby, I would love to help curate your new wardrobe. Send me an email at


Jordan and Lexi

A fairy tale fit for a southern Disney princess. Lexi and Jordan were married on October 9, 2021, at Bowood Barn. There are so many elements of this wedding that made me smile and feel like I knew them as a couple. Just from their wedding day, I found out that they loved Disney, enjoyed nature and adventures together, and also had a great time on the dance floor.

If you were ever looking for a subtle yet effective way to incorporate Disney into your wedding, this is a great wedding to look to. They used the seating chart to name each table after a Disney world ride and a beautiful watercolor print of the Dinsey castle to display everyone’s place. They hid secret Mickeys around the reception space for guests to find. One of my favorite Disney touche came from the music they chose in the ceremony and reception. Accustic and classic versions of iconic Disney songs like Kiss the Girl and Be our Guest.

The charm of this tucked-away venue added to the overall feel of their fall wedding day. Bowood Barn was such a pleasure to work with along with each of the vendors. As a coordinator and wedding planner, I love seeing the unique ways the couples incorporate their style into such a special day. After each wedding, I remember how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to surround myself with love.


Coordinator – The Dirty Blonde Stylist
Venue – Bowood Barn
Rehearsal Dinner Caterer – Carytown Burgers & Fries
Reception Caterer – Q Barbeque
Transportation for Guests – Winn Transportation
Photographer – CSC Photography
Videographer – Askem Studios
DJ – DJ Ynot Enterprises
Hair/Makeup – Makeup By Hannah

Let’s get started planning your dream day! Drop your information below to get started.

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