Baby Favorites

I am officially 6 weeks into being a mom and wow how life has changed. One thing I have learned is that no two moms have the same experiences. What works for one mom and baby may not be relevant to another. It is so important to respect what works for each family. We are all just trying to figure it out after all. In these first few weeks when baby mostly just wants to eat, sleep and poop there are still a few products that have stood out to me.

Babies Brew – This portable bottle warmer has been a life saver. Being able to warm up his bottle without a cup of hot water is great when we are in the car or out and about.

Breast Friend For the breastfeeding mamas, this thing is SO MUCH BETTER than a boppy! (I said it) It may not have as many cute colors or covers but I love the flat top and width. The baby is not going to roll off and sometimes I can feed him handsfree.

Cosmetic mini fridge I do not pump at night but if I did this is a great alternative to going downstairs to put my milk away. I do where a Hakkaa on the side he is not feeding on to catch any leaks. I store that milk in this little fridge for the night. Almost every night I can get an ounce or two just by taking the time to catch those drops.

Oh Baby Devotional I have always loved a devotional, this one is tailored towards my new life as a mom.

Love to dream or Velcro Swaddle, Some people hate these but I love them. Trying to swaddle with blankets is an art form that I was not able to master. The love to dream allows your baby to sleep arms up which may be more comfortable for some.

Honeypot MAMA collection wipes, foaming wash, and pads that make everything more comfortable. This turned out to be such a useful gift I received for postpartum. Cannot recommend enough even for once your period returns these are great products!

Stroller fan The moment we got Jackson home I wanted to take him on walks. The second it got warm outside this fan was amazing.

Electric Nail file I don’t know how other moms have the courage to cut their nails with anything other than this file. So simple and ouch proof!

Portable breast pump If you were planning to pump I highly recommend getting a battery-powered pump so you are not chained to the wall. Even just being able to do my hair or walk around the house while pumping is a game changer. I got the blue spectra pump and it has been great. Be sure to check with your insurance to see what free pumps are available to you.

Electric nose sucker I decided early on that I could not stomach sucking boogers from my baby’s nose. This has made it so easy and he truly does not mind it at all. No stuffy nose here!

Hakkaa as I mentioned, I love wearing this to collect any leaks. Perfect for feeding, pumping or in an emergency, a great hand pump.

Butt spatula, we have three of these, one upstairs, one on our portable changing table downstairs, and one in the diaper bag.

I am nowhere near expert level when it comes to parenthood and Products but I can speak from experience about each of these and how helpful they have been. Hopefully, these suggestions help you on your new journey into parenthood.


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