Dress for Success and The Dirty Blonde Stylist

Being able to change your perception of yourself is a powerful thing. I believe that how you dress has the power to do just that. Style is saying who you are without having to speak. Having the right pieces in your closet can make the world of difference in your day to day life.

Dress for Success Richmond, founded in 2012, is committed to empowering low-income women influences every aspect of their service and organizational structure. Dress for Success Central Virginia has helped hundreds of women across the metro Richmond area gain the confidence and credibility they need to realize their full potential.

Dress for Success is such an incredible organization and I am so happy to be able to share custom content for the organization’s online learning collection. During my webinar, I share simple ways to bring your at home work wear into your back to the office style. Understanding the basics of business casual, formal and professional is so important for any working woman. I wanted to make sure that this was another large section of my presentation for these lovely ladies.

Want to have your own cooperate style refresh? Custom content built for you and your workplace is now available for online or in person seminars. Click here to learn more about how to update your work style.


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