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About The Dirty Blonde Stylist

The Dirty Blonde Stylist was created out of a love to create things that are beautiful. From weddings, parties, product photography, and wardrobe styling, there are unlimited opportunities to make ordinary moments sparkle! Serving my clients is my primary focus, whether that’s creating social media content for you or planning your big day, I am here for you and I would love to work with you! 

I love collaborations and getting to know your story. Think we would work well together or have an awesome idea for a shoot? Shoot me an email at


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“I have nothing to wear, I’m not going” a frequent phrase from my sister growing up. The older I got the more common I realized this problem was. Styling starts with taking control of your closet and then your shopping habits. Having the right wardrobe is the secret behind getting ready vs being ready.


Saying “Yes” to your engagement was the easy part, now it is time to start planning your special day. This is where I come in! I love helping couples anyway I can. So if you just need a little help at the end or if you need a guiding hand starting day one, I am here for you.


Creating unique images that reflect your personal style is not as easy as you would think. I want to capture your brand in images for you. Promote your business with confidence with custom content designed just for you.

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To learn more, call me (804) 305-4949 or use the form below.

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