Baby Products – One Year Later

When I first had Jackson, I thought I had all of the things we could possibly need to entertain and support our new baby boy. Fast forward six months later, and there only a few that stood the test of time and are still frequently used. Today, I am sharing five of my favorite products that we have used since we brought Jackson home from the hospital until now, 12 months later. I am also sharing a few products that I had no idea would be so helpful.

Someone told me recently, of all the advice you get about being a new parent, so little actually ends up being relevant to YOUR baby. I constantly find myself saying “why did no one tell me about this?” That is because every baby, and every family is going to have some variation of a different experience. I believe the same is true for products. These are some great things that worked for me and my family as we navigate Jackson’s unique development and explore different roads we never thought we would as parents. I hope by sharing our experiences we can help another family get started on their baby prep.

From Newborn to One Year

The Simplest Baby book in the World, I raved about this when I was still on maternity leave and referred to it constantly. One year later, I still find myself going back to it for food tips, play time ideas and more!

The Ubbi dipper pail. I was drawn to this one because it was metal and did not hold onto odder and did not require special bags. They sell designated bags for it but we use a standard trash bag.

The ELECTRIC nose sucker. I could never get behind the nose sucker where the parent sucked on the end of a straw basically to get the gunk out. This one allows me to quickly suck out his nose with only one hand, easy to clean and easy to charge.

Travel feeding spoon. I get so many compliments on this thing! You load the puree into the silicon back of the spoon and slowly squeeze out food into the spoon. This is amazon for on the go eating when a high chair or table may not be available. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, I love this thing!

The Safety 1st humidifier. Jackson started using this more when he got into his own room. The cool mist helped keep his room moist in the dry winter months and also helped him when he was congested after days at day care.

Products we have discovered to encourage development:

Being parents means you need to be able to accept new information on things you don’t know about. Let’s be honest, does anyone know everything about being a parent? I certainly don’t! We all need to help each other out. My hope is by sharing a little about what I have learned, someone out there will have insight on something they may be able to expect. I am always ready to learn and try new things when it comes to helping Jackson. I consider myself very lucky to have friends who all had babies around the same time, so we can lean and learn from one another. If you are not as lucky as I am, no matter how challenging it may feel, you are not alone lady! P.S. you are doing great!


Alex & Austin

On October 1, 2022, Alex married Austin at The Barn at Timber Creek in Farmville. I had the pleasure of working with Austin and Alex for 3 months of coordination preparing for their beautiful day.

Over the next few months, we worked together to make many decisions about decor, their timeline and the layout of the space. The venue set the scene with beautiful farm tables inside the barn. I love how the tables came together. The gorgeous table settings rented from Classic Party Rental paired with black metal candlesticks, greenery runners and modern acrylic place cards encompassed her entire vibe. I was blown away by Alex’s creativity and skills for making the acrylic name cards and her entire seating chart.

Aside from the tables one of my favorite elements of her wedding was her flowers from Over the Top Flowers. We picked various warm colors to compliment the dresses and suits of the wedding party. These flowers were repurposed from the ceremony to cocktail hour and then into the reception.


Coordinator/Planner – The Dirty Blonde Stylist
Hair stylist – Elizabeth Toth
Venue – The Barn at Timber Creek
Makeup – Beauty Boss RVA
Cake/Desserts – Mama Devon’s Sweet Treats
Caterer – Piggin Out Catering
Bartender – Piggin Out Catering
Florist – Over The Top Flower Shop
Photographer – Amy Robinson Photography
DJ – Blue Note DJ
Videography – Frederick and Reid Videography
Rentals – Classic party rentals

Alex and Austin were so wonderful to work with. As always, I am honored to be a part of such a special day in a couple’s life. If you are looking for planning and or coordination help on your big day, please reach out at


For the love of Valentines

It is Valentine’s season! Today I am sharing my favorite looks and gifts for the season. from day dates, evening dinners, to dancing, I have got you covered. Keep scrolling for gift ideas for all the sweeties in your life. Enjoy!

I hope all of these festive pieces have you feeling the love this month!


2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Every year I like to put together a list of fun gifts and presents for anyone in your life. This year, since I have become a mom, I wanted to add a category for the little ones in your life. Each of these items I love, may already have, and have tested for you, or have looked heavily into the reviews of these products.

The post below does include a few affiliate links. There is no cost to you, but if you use these links, I will receive a small commission. Below you will find stocking stuffers or great complimentary gifts for all of the special people in your life!

Your Girls



Kristina and Nate

On September 17, 2022 Kristina and Nate were married at the John Marshall Ballrooms in Richmond. I was so honored to be a part of their big day and helping make their wedding dreams come true.

Emmi Clare photography

Kristina and Nate are such a sweet, low-key couple. Their wedding was small and intimate. Her sense of style and taste could not be ignored. A gorgeous plated dinner with close family and friends was the perfect way to celebrate! I worked with Kristina and Nate for three months of coordination and got to know her family and a couple. I love how true to her own personal style she stayed throughout the entire process. I was also beyond obsessed with her white leather jacket and full white sequin jumpsuit that she changed into after the ceremony.

After the ceremony there was cocktail hour followed by a delicious plated dinner in the ballroom. Their DJ played upbeat fun music while all the guests talked and socialized together. I love a unique wedding that doesn’t necessarily follow the traditional timeline. They shared an incredibly sweet first dance which was the only dancing of the evening. Guest stayed and chatted, enjoyed drinks and dessert for the remainder of the evening. They had the most delicious cupcakes from Pearl bake shop.

The night concluded with a beautiful sparkler exit down the sidewalk in front of the hotel. They snuck away for their final photos on a parking garage across from the John Marshall Ballrooms sign that illuminates over the Richmond skyline. What a perfect way to end a perfect day!


  • Emmi Clare photography
  • Pearls bakeshop
  • The John Marshall Ballrooms
  • Homemade by Suzanne catering
  • Sparkle make up
  • Brandy Tatum hair
  • Tommy’s Garden florist
  • Bunn DJ company

If you are looking for planning and coordination services, I would love to chat with you! Send me an email to so we can get started on planning your dream day!


5 Fall Favorites

Fall is in the air! Well maybe not just yet, but my love of fall fashion has taken over. Early September is my favorite time to pick out great fall pieces to add to my wardrobe. So many clients and friends are heading back to the office, heading back to school or just heading into a fabulous time of year. Today I am breaking down a few of my favorite fall trends that I can’t wait to try this season! As always, I have found pieces that are budget-friendly.

Oversized blazers


Faux leather


Straight leg jeans


Chunky knits

Vici Dolls

Thick sole ankle boots


If you are looking for a little help updating your fall wardrobe, fill out the form below so we can get started.


The Lorax meets a baby shower

Creating this Dr. Seuss inspired baby shower theme for my sister was so fun. In a world of nude, white beige and tan, it was a breath of fresh air to play with truly fun bright colors for a change. This theme really was based on the colors of the truffula trees. We choose orange, yellow, pink and sky blue. In this blog, I will share where we saved, what I DIYed, the menu and the vendors we used. Want to throw your own Lorax party? Shop my decor shopping list with the links below! I have included links for almost all of the purchases we made to bring this shower to life.

Decor and the DIY:

Truffula trees – how to: The large trees were made from large tree limbs, spray painted white with black sharpie lines to match the ones from the book. The tops were made with a 6 in foam ball as the base and faux fur boas pinned to the foam. This was much easier than gluing so the fur stayed fluffy and you could secure the fur as needed easily. I used a basic terracotta pot for the base with a foam block and rocks to hold the trees securely. Top the pot with fake moss to cover the rocks. The smaller trees followed a similar process. A basic crafting dowl rod, 3 inch foam balls and half a boa of the faux fur. Set on top of Grass centerpiece base

Mustache straws: on each table setting we placed a plastic colored straws that had a hot glued yellow mustache on them, like the Lorax himself. An hour or so with the hot glue gun and all done.

Arched backgrounds – These were made with 8×4 plywood boards cut to have rounded tops and then two feet for support, courtesy of my father-in-law and hubby. I got wooden letters from Joannes and painted everything sky blue, I am so happy with how this turned out. Every photo looked on theme! Invest in a backdrop for your star, you can never go wrong paying special attention to a high photographed area.

Ballon Arch Fun fact I am scared of balloons. I am constantly worried about them randomly popping and scaring the S*%! out of me. I was so proud that I was able to assemble this little one for my sister. The things we do for love.

The Menu:

  • Christopher’s Runaway Gourmay chicken and pasta salad
  • Ham biscuits
  • Cucumber salad
  • Cheese and veggie board
  • Fruit salad
  • Caprese salad from Ceasers
  • Three-tiered cake From Copy Cat Cakes
  • Candy bar – Swedish fish, air heads, chocolate candies, lollipops, Ukrops cookies, and fruit chews
  • Mimosa bar wiht fresh fruit
  • White claws
  • Soda, tea and lemonade

Venue – Wrexham Hall in Chesterfield VA

Napkin rental – Lane Rentals in Midlothian VA


The trick to this shower was finding games that could be played with a large number of people. We played baby BINGO with two winners, a lottery scratcher, diaper raffle with two winners for a total of five winners and five gifts.

Where we saved:

  • DIYing the truffula trees
  • Ordering candy and catering in bulk
  • Not getting drinks from the catering team
  • Using the tables chairs and linens provided from the venue.
  • Returning items that we did not use after the shower

I hope these details inspire you to create your own unique baby shower. Need a little help? The Dirty Blonde Stylist loves planning all types of events and would love to help you plan a truly unique event for you! Send me an email using the form below so we can started today!


The last year of my 20’s

Each year for my birthday I like to reflect by writing a post. Either something I want to do, something I learned or just something I liked from the past year. This year I am 29 and have decided to put together a little “bucket list” for my last year in my 20’s. These aren’t tangible things but more ideas and mind sets that I would love to have. Not only want to have, but also feel valuable to have entering into the next decade of my life.

Master the concept of quality over quantity- I have struggled with this for years. I am always the one who is so proud of the deals I find and how far I can stretch a dollar. While I won’t let my thriftiness fade, I am working to refrain myself and not buying things just because they are a good deal.

Do less with more focus- This goes hand in hand with quality over quantity. Multitasking to a certain point becomes unproductive. I become unfocused and end up having to go back to go over the things I did while trying to do something else at the same time. Stay tuned to to see if you can see how my focus shifts in the next year.

Be present – This idea has never felt more real. Maternity leave was a great trial run of what it would be like to just sit and be present in the moment. For me, work and the rest of my life came calling after maternity leave was over. Now I am trying to take active steps to be present. I want to be present in my business, present with my husband, and present as a friend, sister, and daughter. Most of all present with my son, he will only be little for so long and I don’t want to miss it because I was worried about “what’s next and what do I need to be planning for”.

Do better to let go of the “mom guilt” – While I know this one will be challenging, I am hoping that as the year goes on and I become more adapted to being a mom. I hope I can find a way to let go of some guilt that really is not warranted. Feeling guilty about going to work, feeling guilty when I have to pump and dump occasionally, feeling guilty that I haven’t found the balance yet. All these things I want to try and let go of so they aren’t weighing me down anymore.

If anyone can relate to these types of goals, drop your comment below. Growing up is a lot easier when you know you aren’t the only one going through it.

– MB

Adult birthday party themes

It’s birthday month! I have always loved July because for me it was a month of celebrations, my birthday, my Dad’s birthday and America’s birthday. As I have gotten older my love of celebrating has only amplified. I believe that if there is a reason to celebrate, do so. Life is just too short. Over the years as an event planner, I have loved the creative themes that are both fun and age appropriate for adults celebrating their birthdays. Today I am sharing some of my favorite ideas of how to celebrate your big day!

Tea Party

Gather your girls for a frilly and fancy tea party. Complete with big hats, lace gloves, and delicate sun dresses. Enjoy brunch or finger sandwiches with your girls while catching up on all the latest tea.

Murder Mystery

My sister and friends threw me a murder mystery party for my 27th birthday and it was a bucket list party for sure. Having everyone play along and get into character is so fun!

Camping or glamping

Pack your sleeping bag for a camping or glamping adventure. Get outside under the stars or just under the twinkle lights inside for a fun adventurous evening.


Come up with your own minute to win it style challenges and divide your group into teams. Compete in drinking games, build your fort and vote for a winner of the day!

The newlywed game

Gather your couples and see who knows who the best. Create a list of questions to ask your partner to see if you know how they will answer. A friendly game that will have everyone involved and most likely laughing.

Movie night

A drive-in movie night is on my bucket list for sure. Get an inflatable screen and projector then lay out some blankets for everyone to get compfy. Don’t forget the snack bar!

Wine tour

Feeling boujee? Hire RVA brew Crew to take you and your friends around town or out of town to wineries and breweries. I did this for my husband’s 30th, it was so fun!

My favorite things

If you ever wanted to put your personality on blast, this is one way. Set up different activities all based on the things you love. A scrapbooking station next to a coffee flight station next to a putting green station, all your favorite things on display for your friends to enjoy with you.

Spa party

Make mani-pedi appointments for your girls in a private area of a salon. Complete the look with champagne and fresh fruit. Looking to stay on a smaller budget? Set up a foot spa, a table full of sheet masks, all the nail polish you have, and pop a bottle of champagne at home!

Decade Party

In love with the 80s? Want to relive all the trends from the 90s? Now is your chance! Pick a time period and ask your guests to dress according, play music from that decade and maybe even dig up some authentic decor. I hosted a 90s-themed Galentines day party, watching the girls all show up with big scrunchies, crimped hair and clear plastic purses was everything I could have hoped for.

If you want help bringing your next party to life, fill out the form below. I would love to celebrate with you!


Get The Coastal Grandmother look from Amazon

The coastal grandmother look has got to be one of my favorites for summer! The style is inspired by Diane Keaton’s character in Somethings Got to Give. From a style perspective, it’s all about breathable linens, chic monotone color combinations, and looking effortlessly stylish. What I love about this trend is that it can be worn across different age ranges. Not to mention, this makes simplicity cool and fresh again.

I have rounded up a few of my favorite pieces from Amazon to help you achieve your coastal grandmother goals this summer.

Bucket or sun hat

Two-piece linen set

Wide-leg linen pants

White button down

Woven sandals

Tea length sun dress

Tortoise shell sunnies

Jute heel wedge

Open knit sweater

Mock turtle neck

Straw bag

This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission, no cost to you, if you purchase through my link.

I hope this helps you channel your inner coastal grandmother. Enjoy the simple things in life like flowers fresh from the garden, long walks on the beach and, fresh fruit from the farmers market, all while looking effortlessly chic!


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