Baby Products – One Year Later

When I first had Jackson, I thought I had all of the things we could possibly need to entertain and support our new baby boy. Fast forward six months later, and there only a few that stood the test of time and are still frequently used. Today, I am sharing five of my favorite products that we have used since we brought Jackson home from the hospital until now, 12 months later. I am also sharing a few products that I had no idea would be so helpful.

Someone told me recently, of all the advice you get about being a new parent, so little actually ends up being relevant to YOUR baby. I constantly find myself saying “why did no one tell me about this?” That is because every baby, and every family is going to have some variation of a different experience. I believe the same is true for products. These are some great things that worked for me and my family as we navigate Jackson’s unique development and explore different roads we never thought we would as parents. I hope by sharing our experiences we can help another family get started on their baby prep.

From Newborn to One Year

The Simplest Baby book in the World, I raved about this when I was still on maternity leave and referred to it constantly. One year later, I still find myself going back to it for food tips, play time ideas and more!

The Ubbi dipper pail. I was drawn to this one because it was metal and did not hold onto odder and did not require special bags. They sell designated bags for it but we use a standard trash bag.

The ELECTRIC nose sucker. I could never get behind the nose sucker where the parent sucked on the end of a straw basically to get the gunk out. This one allows me to quickly suck out his nose with only one hand, easy to clean and easy to charge.

Travel feeding spoon. I get so many compliments on this thing! You load the puree into the silicon back of the spoon and slowly squeeze out food into the spoon. This is amazon for on the go eating when a high chair or table may not be available. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, I love this thing!

The Safety 1st humidifier. Jackson started using this more when he got into his own room. The cool mist helped keep his room moist in the dry winter months and also helped him when he was congested after days at day care.

Products we have discovered to encourage development:

Being parents means you need to be able to accept new information on things you don’t know about. Let’s be honest, does anyone know everything about being a parent? I certainly don’t! We all need to help each other out. My hope is by sharing a little about what I have learned, someone out there will have insight on something they may be able to expect. I am always ready to learn and try new things when it comes to helping Jackson. I consider myself very lucky to have friends who all had babies around the same time, so we can lean and learn from one another. If you are not as lucky as I am, no matter how challenging it may feel, you are not alone lady! P.S. you are doing great!


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