5 Things People Forget To Budget For Their Wedding

Any bride knows the little things can add up quickly. One of the first pieces of wedding planning is setting a budget. Of course, it is hard to include every single little detail in your initial budgeting. I try and help my clients include as much as they possibly can from the get-go. Today I am sharing a few details that not only can add up but also are commonly forgotten in the budgeting phase.

Dress alterations – This can be an easy $1000 that people forget about. This is also something to keep in mind while shopping for your dress.

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Food the day of your wedding while getting ready – So many couples forget that breakfast and lunch will occur during the craziness of your wedding day. Not eating, will help no one! Scheduling lunch delivery, catering trays, a few bottles of champagne, or even room service at the hotel are all great ideas, but they can lead to an additional hundred (s) dollars on your final bill.

Outfit options for the bachelorette party, honeymoon, engagement photos, and rehearsal dinner. If there was ever a time when it seems rational to buy a special outfit, this is it. Of course, you want a new dress for each of these occasions. On average, women will buy at least 3 new looks for each of these occasions. Add a line item to your budget so you have something stashed away for these special outfits. Remember to return the rejected options to help your bottom line.

Gifts for family, and wedding party – Many couples love to give gifts to their wedding party and family leading up to the wedding. Budgeting for these gifts can easily be a few hundred dollars to be prepared for. Many brides often give their bridesmaid’s gifts multiple times, bridesmaid proposal boxes, some sort of gift for the bachelorette party, and then wedding day gifts. Family and the groomsmen often received gifts for the wedding day as well. Make sure not to forget this one on your budget.

Postage for invites, save the dates, thank you notes, and RSVP cards – Stamps are .58 cents each. Talk about something that can add up quickly! Calculating this expense is fairly easy and can be easy to budget for from the get-go.

Sabrina Boykin Photography

I am a firm believer that planning and preparation can help save money on your bottom line. I hope these tips will help you on your planning journey. If you need more help planning your big day, send me an email at Thedirtyblondestylist.com to find out more about how I can help.


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