Gifts For The New Parents

The baby boom of 2022 is here! I can not tell you how many new mamas I am seeing pop up this year, some say as an aftereffect of the pandemic. Either way, I feel lucky to be in the company of many other pregnant women or new mamas around me as I go through my first pregnancy as well. Getting to meet a friend or family member’s baby for the first time can be so sweet and special. For me, the idea of bringing a small gift for the family or the baby says that you are thinking of them. After a baby shower and months of baby prep, what does someone actually need? Today I am sharing a few ideas, at a variety of price points, of gifs for a new mom or family.

Meal Train: Setting up a meal train through is one of the simplest ways to help out. It won’t cost you anything other than the meal you choose to bring.

Coffee for the parents: Arriving to meet the baby, the parents are often a few days into parenthood and are likely exhausted already. Seeing their favorite large Starbucks drink come through the door might be just the pick-me-up they need. I know if someone brings me a venti wet cappuccino and a piece of lemon cake, I will be one happy camper.

A gift basket for the family: Putting together a few things in a basket always looks so nice and does not have to cost a fortune. A basket from the dollar tree or dollar spot at Target can quickly be filled with some pick-me-ups. Fresh flowers, a door dash gift card, a 4 pack of coffee, a set of socks, or a pacifier for the baby. All these little things on a bed of tissue paper or shredded paper looks so thoughtful coming through the door. If you are looking to ship something, this basket from Etsy is a great alternative.

Something for the baby: Some people love to bring a gift for just the baby, it is their party after all. I love the idea of something different than what you gave him or her at the shower. Maybe a small book, rubber blocks, cute little PJs, or if you have time, a sweet framed photo for their nursery.

Something just for Mom and Dad: When my friends started having babies I did not know what they needed but my focus was on “How can I help my friends when everyone else is focused on the baby?”

Gifts for just Mom:

Honest Company Kit – $74.99

Mama sweatshirt – 32.00

Encouraging Pumping water bottle – Amazon $11.99

Gifts for just Dad:

A new daddy survival crate – $79.99

Cupcake tray – Baske by Melissa – $32.00

New Dad mug – Etsy $13.95

A few other reminders for visiting a new baby for the first time

  • Always ask before holding the baby
  • Wash your hands before holding the baby
  • Do not come over if you are sick
  • Do not kiss the baby
  • Do not post about the baby on social media before the parents
  • Respect any schedule the parents may be trying to develope
  • Know when it is time to leave

I hope these tips and ideas help you spoil the new family in your life.


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