Buttons, Wraps and Secret Flaps

The post partum wardrobe edit

Big life changes are one of the main reasons people hire a stylist. Having a baby, fluctuations in weight, or moving into a different chapter of your career are all major reasons to update your wardrobe. Having a baby of my own now meant that I needed a few new pieces that were breast feeding friendly. Being able to transition these into my normal wardrobe was so important. As most of you know, I don’t love spending a ton of money on pieces for just one season of my life. Everything I am showing today is under $40. I also love to marry style and function. Each of these pieces are so functional for my new life as a mom but also keep me feeling stylish.

So much of your body changes after having a baby. For me I came home and didn’t necessarily need my maternity clothes but also was struggling to fit in a lot of my pre-baby clothes. Not to mention needing constant access for breast-feeding. It was just one of those things that I didn’t think about until it was actually happening. I love a good styling challenge just as much as I did dressing my growing pregnant body. I am trying my best to completely embraced the changes my body has gone through. It’s hard to see the stretch marks in the mirror and to not be able to button some of my favorite jeans just yet. Finding pieces that make me feel good, comfortable, and practical all at the same time has kept my spirits up for sure! I never underestimate the power the clothes can give you. Who says that you can’t be confident, comfortable and practical all at the same time?

Looking to update your wardrobe for your major life changes? Send me an email at thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com to find out more about my styling process and how we can work together.


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