The last year of my 20’s

Each year for my birthday I like to reflect by writing a post. Either something I want to do, something I learned or just something I liked from the past year. This year I am 29 and have decided to put together a little “bucket list” for my last year in my 20’s. These aren’t tangible things but more ideas and mind sets that I would love to have. Not only want to have, but also feel valuable to have entering into the next decade of my life.

Master the concept of quality over quantity- I have struggled with this for years. I am always the one who is so proud of the deals I find and how far I can stretch a dollar. While I won’t let my thriftiness fade, I am working to refrain myself and not buying things just because they are a good deal.

Do less with more focus- This goes hand in hand with quality over quantity. Multitasking to a certain point becomes unproductive. I become unfocused and end up having to go back to go over the things I did while trying to do something else at the same time. Stay tuned to to see if you can see how my focus shifts in the next year.

Be present – This idea has never felt more real. Maternity leave was a great trial run of what it would be like to just sit and be present in the moment. For me, work and the rest of my life came calling after maternity leave was over. Now I am trying to take active steps to be present. I want to be present in my business, present with my husband, and present as a friend, sister, and daughter. Most of all present with my son, he will only be little for so long and I don’t want to miss it because I was worried about “what’s next and what do I need to be planning for”.

Do better to let go of the “mom guilt” – While I know this one will be challenging, I am hoping that as the year goes on and I become more adapted to being a mom. I hope I can find a way to let go of some guilt that really is not warranted. Feeling guilty about going to work, feeling guilty when I have to pump and dump occasionally, feeling guilty that I haven’t found the balance yet. All these things I want to try and let go of so they aren’t weighing me down anymore.

If anyone can relate to these types of goals, drop your comment below. Growing up is a lot easier when you know you aren’t the only one going through it.

– MB

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