How To Control Your Impulse Buying

Many people are guilty of impulse shopping. A great sale, Instagram ads that caught your eye or buying something as a form of retail therapy, I am guilty of falling for all of these. After years of giving into great deals and pretty things, I realized that when it came time to clean out my closet most of the things that were first to go were things that I bought impulsively. I had to develop some tips and tricks to cut out impulse spending. Save some room in your closet for the things that you truly want.

Unsubscribe from all retailer emails

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I always hated the idea of this because “what if I missed out on a coupon or the chance to get something on sale?!”. But in order to not be tempted, I unsubscribe from all retailer emails and turned off notifications from apps, like Target for example. In case I ever wanted to subscribe to the emails again I wrote down all of the emails I was unsubscribing from just in case.

Create a new list

While getting dressed every day, note the items that you need to add to your wardrobe for an upcoming season. Maybe you are in desperate need of a new white T-shirt or your summer look would be complete if you just had a new pair of sandals. This can also include outfits you may need for upcoming events or a special occasion you may have. Having this list on your phone makes it easier to go shopping. So the next time you were at target and you spot something cute check your list. If it’s not on the list it does not get purchased. This has really helped me avoid buying things on a whim just because they are cute, not because I need them.

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Steer clear of clearance

I often pride myself on how many items I have found for pennies on the dollar on the clearance rack. I still browse the racks to see what is available but the same rules apply. I do not purchase something unless it’s on my list. The great thing about having your list is that it can go for all seasons. Let’s say you wanted some new chunky sweaters but never found the right ones during the winter. Clearance is a great place to find those items marked down. One of my favorite things is buying off-season clothes and then opening my drawers next winter to find brand new pieces ready for the season. It’s like a gift I give myself.

The waiting game

I myself am guilty of clicking on Facebook ads and then loading up a cart full of items from some boutique that I never knew existed. When I’m done shopping I exit the page. Most carts will sit for a few days before the site empties them for you. Amazon will sit forever. In order to see if I really want them, I give myself two days without looking at them or re-opening the site. If after two days or more I still find myself yearning for those items or wanting to go back and check out I do after reevaluating my original choices. If I have forgotten all about them, then the internet will take care of emptying my cart for me. Some sites will send you reminder emails with coupons or just a preview of your selected pieces, do not be tempted. By waiting you’ll determine if you really wanted those items and will shake off the impulsiveness of the purchase.

Shop with a stylist

One service I offer is a guided shopping trip. I take my clients to pre-selected stores based on their needs and we shop together. I help my clients find the best pieces based on their needs and also avoid purchasing items that they may be tempted to buy. Having someone with you to keep you accountable can make all the difference in the world in what you actually walk out of the store with. Interested in learning more about my styling services? Send me an email at so we can get started!


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