Weekly Wedding Words: 60 days or less

45 days left, I have never been calmer. I realize I am not like most brides in this situation, this usually is a time for “What am I forgetting?” Questions like that will put you in the ground, it is easy to stress yourself out more than needed during this time. One thing, that I must admit, I did not expect was the stress on my family. My sister has continued to mention how stressed she is with my Bachelorette party and now my shower, the moms are stressed to some degree. I always thought that if I remained a calm Bride, everyone around me would be calm, nope. I can not blame anyone for being stressed, it is a lot! So if you are a Bride and you can feel the stress from all directions, you are not alone.

I am here to share a few tips on how I have combated stress in the last 60 days of wedding planning.


Have a game plan!

I have made a list of as many things as I can think that need to be done before the wedding. From there, I can schedule out when I will aim to get items done.

A few examples from my own list:

  • Find ties for groomsmen done
  • Figure out all tips
  • Card box done bird cage
  • Print photos for gold frames in the box
  • Get sizes of frames that are in the box
  • Something to out matches in got it glass bowl
  • Something to put koozies in  got it glass blow
  • Get sparklers done
  • Get container for sparklers
  • Make trial
  • Figure out my hair
  • Approve bridesmaids hair
  • Let people know day and time for the rehearsal
  • Have Paster read our vows
  • Get beer and wine
  • Dress fitting one done next scheduled
  • Dress jewelry
  • Veil alterations
  • Design rehearsal invites done
  • Design header for rehearsal dinner menu done
  • Linens and decor plan for rehearsal


Map it out!

Once you have your RSVPs back, reach out to your venue and request a map of your venue, preferably with tables drawn to scale already in place if you are doing assigned seats. Even if you are not having assigned seats, this is still a great opportunity to draw in where you want the cake table, what kind of space you want between the gift table and the bar. This also is a great way to communicate to vendors what your vision is!

Image result for wedding floor map

Think like a guest

Imagine you are a guest at your wedding. Imagine pulling into the parking lot, do you know where to go or do you need signs? Imagine walking in from the ceremony, is the bar in an obvious spot or does it need a little direction. If you are finding some places that may need a little direction, incorporate signs and even the staff. Talk to your planner or coordinator and see if there is an extra person who could stand by the parking lot and let guests know that the ceremony is right around back. That person could also take larger gifts for guests and even help some older guests to their seats if they need it.


The after effect

One thing that some people forget is the after, who is cleaning up? Who is returning the tuxedos to the rental place the next day? Are there to go boxes for the leftover food and cake? Where are the gifts going? Is it okay if guests leave cars over night? Little details like that are often forgotten and can leave your vendors scrambling. Communication with vendors is a must, everyone involved can help you as long as you tell them! Be sure to ask these questions in advance, the fewer surprises the better.


If you are still feeling unorganized and frantic, download my free 60 day checklist for planning under 60 days. If you need any help, drop comments below, send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook or shoot me at Thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com

I can’t wait to hear from you!




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