My Top 5 Wedding Blogs

Over the years I have shared my fair share of wedding blogs, advice and inspiration. Topics range from planning to packing for your honeymoon, I like to cover all the bases. Today I am rounding up my 5 favorite wedding blogs! Learn more about what I do and what you should do while planning your dream wedding.

Weekly Wedding Words: 60 days or less

If you are 60 days out from your big day, check out this check list ready to use for your remaining planning!

Weekly Wedding Words: What will go wrong

Let’s be honest, you can only plan so far, then comes God. Here I have listed some of the most common things that go wrong on wedding day and how you can prepare, mentally and physically.

Weekly Wedding Words: Reminder list

With so many moving parts, wedding planning is a task that requires lists! A few reminders for your big day straight from a wedding planner.

Weekly Wedding Words: Registering for your new life

You think picking out your registry items would be so easy, but truth be told it is a lot harder then you think! To this day I love my dishes, hand held vacuum and bedding set the most from my registry. Separating your wants and needs can be a beats all its own.

“So what does a day of coordinator even do?”

The question I get asked more than anything and all the reasons you need one (or me) present at your wedding!

I hope these tips help you while planning your wedding day. As always, if you have questions or need more help, please email me at I would love to help you plan your dream day!


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