“So what does a day of coordinator even do?”

I get this question a lot. People who have not worked with or seen the work of a coordinator at another wedding, don’t know a lot about what goes into a smooth running wedding day. Why would they? How often do you go to a wedding and study the staff and what their job entails, you don’t! You are there to have fun and enjoy the evening.

Now that it is your turn to get married, one decision you will likely have to make is if you want to have planner or coordinator involved in your wedding planning. For couples who are on a tighter budget or want to go through all the steps of planning, cutting out a full service planner can save you a lot of money in the long run. At bare minimum though, I strongly encourage a day of coordinator for your wedding. There are a million little details that a coordinator will take care of for you on your day that will go unnoticed unless they are not done.

One of my favorite quotes is “Good design goes unnoticed” I believe the same is true for a coordinator at times. People do not always notice your efforts, but they do notice when something is not done because of a lack of coordination. The coordinator’s job is to think through all of the details before they even happen. Here are just a FEW examples of what falls to a coordinator on your big day.

When you are about to walk down the aisle, through the vintage double doors at the base of the aisle. The doors are closed, the crowd rises, the DJ plays your song, your dress gets fluffed and a quick reminder to take a breath. The doors swing open and your walk begins. This all happens at one moment because the preacher knows that when I close the doors, that is his cue to ask the crowd to rise. The DJ knows that when the crowd rises he should play your song. The coordinator knows the exact moment in the song when the chorus begins, to swing the doors open for you. This is all thanks to a cue from the coordinator and the detailed timeline that they were all provided in advance.

Time to cut your cake! You walk up to your beautiful cake you will find the cake knife, fork, plates and napkins all just waiting for you. I also am right there, out of frame, available to line up your hands so the bride’s new ring is shining on top as you cut down into your cake and pull out a slice to feed each other. After that, I typically am the one who brings the cake to its next location to either be served or packed up. I have also been the one to slice and serve the cake if needed.

At the end of the night, when you hop into your getaway car and all of your things are there. That’s me! I always identify the bride and groom’s bags in advance and make sure your phone, chargers and over night bag is with you ready to go on your honeymoon the next morning.

I have been in all of these situations many times. I have had gum spit into my hands as a bridesmaid was about to start walking down the aisle. I have grab cell phones out of groomsmen’s jacket pocket to avoid a lump in his jacket during a photo. Bottom line, I am here for you, your family and your vendors day of and before hand. If you are looking for a planner, coordinator or something in between send me an email at Thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com for more information. I hope to hear from you soon!


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