The Paper Year

On October 26th 2020 Jacob and I will have been married a full year, and what a year it has been. I will remember for years to come, how our first married year was spent in quarantine and amidst a pandemic. Even now as we are trying to make plans to celebrate our anniversary, we are still dealing with the pandemic and those restrictions. This year has been unpredictable for sure. I am happy now to take a moment and reflect on all the exciting moments that happen during your first 365 days of being Mr. and Mrs.

Sabrina Boykin Photography

Month 0-3

The first year of your married life is supposed to be mostly taken up by the honeymoon phase. For me this was 100% true! I floated around life with my MRS. Kate Spade necklace around my neck and would gush anytime someone mentioned my wedding. The first few months were still packed with wedding related activities, thank you cards, shopping for the remaining registry items and packing up our wedding. Life was good and full of organization! (my favorite)

Month 4-7

By now the pandemic has fully set in. Our at home life changed slightly. I had more time for projects and was able to memorialize all of our wedding moments in three scrap books. The wedding itself fades into the back ground of life and now I got to focus on what it is like to be a wife and what is next. What really came next was much tougher. My work took a hit and Jacob stepped up to the plate. Working more on the weekends became the normal for those next few months.

Month 8-11

Typically this is the time of the year when we would be heading to different events around RVA, concerts, festivals and more. Due to the pandemic we were not able to have those types of dates so getting creative was necessary. I believe it is so important to continue to date each other no matter what. Our activities shifted to movie nights with ordered in food, painting the bathroom and working on the yard and flower beds together. At the end of the day I love to lay my head down knowing that I accomplished a lot. Even better when I accomplish a lot with my husband by my side.

Month 12

As our first anniversary approaches, I am thankful and so in love with my husband. This year was unpredictable, truth be told , what year isn’t? Everyone’s first year of marriage will be different. For some, the honeymoon phase may still be going strong by the end of the year. For others, reality has gotten in the way of their own fairytale life. What I know, is that through fairytale moments or pandemic, Jacob and I will be together continuing to work together, side by side, through whatever life throws at us.

One of my favorite things I did this year was have our vows blown up on canvas and hung over our bed. I don’t read them everyday, but sometimes I will find myself making the bed and casually start reading the words we promised each other. They always make me smile or put me back on track. To all the 2019 brides out there, happy anniversary. Wishing you many years of love and happiness.


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