Reviewing My Resolutions

When we entered into 2020, we all had high hopes. Little did we know what would unfold just a few months into the year. With the stress and calamity of the pandemic unfolding many of us abandoned our new years resolutions at the door. My brain operates on a retail timeline, that being said, I am always thinking about a month to three months in advance. So now as I sit here in October, I am thinking of January and the start of a new beginning in 2021. My goals for 2020 did what every great business has done this year, pivot. They have changed and adapted to what was actually needed this year. As the year comes closer to an end, I am reevaluating my original goals and setting at least 3 more to strive for by the end of the year.


Not only do I strive to grow my following on social media but I truly want to grow my business. This means giving it all the love, attention and nourishment that I can, just like a plant. Love from my clients and for my clients. Attention to what I am saying, creating and putting out there. Nourishment from from new ideas that keep me motivated and excited.


I have become such a procrastinator this year. My focus stays on what needs to be done right away, then forgetting or putting off another task. In my business and my home, I am working to take action when I can. making the most of my time is key. If I have five minutes to check something off my list while my lunch is in the oven, I am going to do it! One more thing off the to do list!


A lot of people have been talking this year, it can be hard to understand what everyone is trying to say. What I want to do is listen and learn more. Take in more information from podcasts, networking events and online sources then be able to determine what works for me and what I want to try. You can’t agree with everyone, but knowing more information makes for a better strategy in the end.

If you lost your goals along the way because you were just trying to make it though, I urge you to set a few for yourself to reach for until the end of 2020. End this year with the hope, courage and expectations you entered it with.


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