Weekly Wedding Words: Registering for your new life

Recently I stumbled across a blog topic by Lone Star Southern (love her! If you don’t follow her, you should!) She too is getting married this year and is going through a lot of the same struggles as I am.  She recently featured a post about registering for her wedding and I was captivated. I started thinking about all the other brides who have to be going through this process and trying to come up with a Wishlist for their new lives all at once.

Jacob and I have bitten off quite a bit this year, we are getting married, planned a full honeymoon and buying a house all in 2019. Go us right?! In the beginning, I didn’t think we could do. It is certainly a lot financially and a lot mentally.  So many changes and decisions to be made it’s a little crazy. The thought of registering always got me excited though! You get to pick out “whatever” you want and go “Beep Beep Beep” all through Target, is there anything better?

My naive self, registering has become one of the most stressful things for no reason! I created my registry online and as soon as I went to add the first item, I froze. I was looking for a vacuum, then I was in front of 20 different options and no idea which one to pick. So open a new tab and start reading up on vacuums, giving my vacuum selection a lot of energy. I accidentally fell down the rabbit hole of vacuums and  I immediately closed the browser and shut my computer. I freaked out for being overwhelmed. Since then I haven’t touched my registry again. After reading her blog, I felt motivated enough to give it another try but with a different approach this time.


While I will eventually have to get back to my hunt for a vacuum, I felt like I needed to seek advice from elders and others. I went home for dinner and had a long chat with my mom about her registry. She told me all about this China pattern she had picked out on her registry and how my grandmother had gotten her a different set of China before the wedding. That China still sits in the China Cabinet at my parents and we have had many a Christmas Dinner on it.

After talking to my mom I decided to reach a little further, I took to Instagram. Over the weekend I got a lot of great feedback from some of my favorite Boss Babes, Wives, brides to be and Newlyweds. Here are some of my favorite comments and new great ideas!

sarah_w_reichert – “Brooklinen sheets!!!”

“definitely my Keurig, GOOD kitchen towels (the kind that actually absorbs rather than repel water), a steamer (i hate ironing), and a vacuum! 🙌🏼”

“Aww I love this!!! Definitely my Kitchenaid mixer! Also, the Nespresso Machine if you love coffee! Good towels reg. size as well as the Bath sheet towels!! ( the extra long and wide ones!👌🏼) I also love our stainless steel mixing bowls with lids, as well as a good knife set and non-wood cutting boards!”

“All my fun kitchen gadgets, panini maker, quesadilla maker, Keurig and organization tools 🙌🏾 They still are saving my life 6 years later. 💗”

Some of the best advice was a practical lesson I needed to hear.

“Needs and wants are very different.

I registered for all of my NEEDS first and when I saw they were all purchased, then I added the decor items” 

I am so thankful for all the great advice I have received over the last few days! Some things really do take a village, I had no idea a wedding registry would be one.

If you know something I missed, drop your comments below. Can never have too many options.


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