Best books for a rainy day: For the girl who does not like to read.

I will be honest with you, I have never been much of a reader. When I was a kid and had summer reading, I would fall asleep reading every time and even to this day, I can’t read for long periods of time without getting sleepy. That has not deterred me from the urge to cuddle up with a good book on rainy days under a cozy blanket. The rainy season is here in #RVA so I am gearing up for some dreary days. I am here to share some of my favorite books that give me life any day of the week. Given my lack of interest in traditional books, coffee table books have become my best friend, that and books on tape.acs_0510.jpg

No matter the gloom of the outside, I am always brought back to my cheery self when I think about décor and party planning! My favorite party planning book has to be “Celebrate” by Lauren Conrad. I am obsessed with her brand and all the flat lays scattered throughout the pages ( lord knows I love a good flat lay). This book is new by no means, but her tips for parties you will throw throughout your life, are timeless!

The book could easily inspire me on a daily basis, whether it’s flat lays, content creation, or just general pretty photos! #timeless

If I am not In the mood for parties and events, I turn to my first love, Fashion. Rachel Zoe paved the way for my understanding of fashion as a career. Her attention to detail made me want to spend that extra 10 minutes on everything to make it better. Her book “Living in Style” has become my Bible for all things related to style. This book touches on fashion, beauty, spending when to splurge and save, and of course home. Given that I am moving into my first home come May,(EEEPPP) I have been actively flipping through, looking at home related design elements more than usual. Rachel Zoe has been my inspiration for years, it’s only natural that she follow into my journey of homeownership.


If you were ever looking for a woman with a story, Diane Von Furstenberg has had a hell of a life!  From real-life princess to fashion queen, the woman invented the wrap dress for crying out loud! Being a young woman myself, I find great comfort in wise words from a successful woman. Hearing her story never gets old. “The Woman I Wanted to Be” is an amazing read for any young woman who is trying to #adult, a boss babe just settling into her new role as a boss, or fashion loving, goal chasing free spirit.  This Is my version of a good story, rather than reading tales of princesses and knights, I will be under a blanket, knee deep in the wise advice of DVF herself.

Finally, my last alternative to TV and Magazines on a rainy day is audio books. Not only do I just not like to read, but it is also partially because of a minor learning disability with symptoms of ADD and Dyslexia, no doubt making reading, not my strongest skill. So, growing up a lot of what I did to focus and get the content out of books, was to follow along while the tapes read them to me. To this day, it is one of my favorite ways to get quality content out of books that aren’t filled with beautiful photos (like most coffee table books are). I will never forget, two years ago me and a few friends took the drive to Snowshoe for New Years Eve. From Richmond to West VA we listened to Harry Potter and IT. WAS. AWESOME! If you don’t have Audible, a 30-day free trial might just change your mind!

In a world filled with screens and digital this and that, I will always enjoy the printed copy and the sound a book makes when you first crack open that spine. If you are a book worm or know something great I don’t, feel free to drop your favorite books below! I am always up for trying new things.


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