Weekly Wedding Words: The Mood Board

The importance of a wedding mood board:

I am a very visual person. Being able to see, touch and feel something will sell me on It twice as fast as words. There are too many words to describe how I feel when I curate something, which is why I find it easier just to make it visual. My love for content creating came to me because I wasn’t the best writer, it was always easier to draw, style a photo or create a graphic. So why should planning my wedding be any different?

At this point in my planning process, I am ready to start capturing a feel for my wedding guests. This can be put in place by many different factors; colors, drinks, location, inside vs outside, lighting, décor, and linens.


I was told in design school that a great look can play with color, texture, print, and find cohesiveness. I believe the same is true of a wedding. There is a balance amongst it all that just makes everything work. So, how do we find that perfect mixture? For me, it all starts with a mood board!

The colors for my wedding are Slate grey and Champagne. The theme has jokingly become “accidentally elegant” and I am sticking with it!

So to start my mood board process, I find things that look like my wedding in my head; Pinterest themed tablespaces, signs, florals, color swatches and more! I copy and paste them all to a document and look at them all together, “do they work?” “does one thing stand out more than the rest?”

I ask myself questions until I get a more clear vision of what’s in my head. I delete the images that don’t work and start arranging the ones that do. After that, I return to Pinterest, The Knot and Style Me Pretty for more inspiration!

This process can go on for a while so I will skip to the end when everything comes together. The point of a mood Board is to be able to look at it and say:

“That is how I want my event to feel”

In this case my wedding!

It’s okay if it takes a few tries to get it just right, the point is that you got it right! Once you have created that vibe once, you will be surprised how easy it is to make it come to life. Save the image to your phone, take it with you when you go to look at linens and flowers, it will continue to inspire you!Spring mmood board

I am excited to share with you my wedding mood board! The next step is just making it come to life.

Do you have a wedding mood board or inspiration photos for your big day? I would love to see them! Share them below or send me a DM on Instagram!


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