The Tailgate how to

Tailgate how to:

Some of you may or may not know, but the Redneck gene runs through my blood. Since I was 8 years old I have been going to NASCAR races with my dad and my sister. While my Dad won’t be here to join us this year, my sister and I are gearing up for the race to roll into town this weekend! Not only the race, but these tailgating tips are also great for a variety of upcoming events this Spring and Summer.ACS_0091.JPG

  1. Have a good cooler
    • Your cooler will be your best friend. Not saying you need a Yeti but the number of times you are in and out of it in a day, it’s a good feeling halfway through the day and still having a cold beer to reach for.
  2. Pack accordingly
    • For an event like the race or an all-day concert, I bring a change of clothes. When we get there in the morning it could be hot and I want to be in shorts and a T shirt, by the time the sunsets, I would freeze if I didn’t have on long pants or jeans! So pack a bag, seems silly I know but when you are out there all day you never know what could happen, does not hurt to have a backup look.ACS_0300
  3. Think outside of what you normally pack
    • I learned at a young age that you need to bring somethings to events like this that you wouldn’t think to bring. Here are some of the 10 things that I never forget anymore.
    • Toilet paper  – the porta potty is only stocked for so long
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Car chargers and portable batteries
    • Playing cards – have to pass the time something
    •  Sunscreen
    • Bugs spray
    • Paper towels
    • Water jug – you will need more than just a bottle
    • Radio or speaker – do not rely on car speakers, your battery will die then you can’t get home
    •  Travel first aid kit

4. Bring things to do

  • Depending on how long you are planning to tailgate, for the race, we are outside from 8Am to 6:00PM when we head into the track.

Don’t plan on drinking and casual conversation to fill up all that time. Bring things to entertain yourself and your friends. Some of our favorite things to do on race day include:

                Cards: kings, poker, go fish, blackjack, solitaire etc.

                Lawn Games: Cornhole, ladder toss, Spike Ball, Can Jam

                Drinking games: Flip cup, beer pong, Kings, Power hour, Quarters etc.

5. While all day drinking is easy for college kids. I am 25 now and all day drinking is a challenge in itself, pace yourself.


I hope all these tips help you enjoy your tailgate and stay prepared for any unexpected event.

Happy Tailgating season!


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