Weekly Wedding Words: Reminder list

80 days left! We are getting closer and closer to our big day! That being said I am currently making Final Documents. Yes our wedding will have final documents, I am a planner what can I say?  People are getting more and more curious about the wedding, asking questions and coming to me with different wedding related issues. That being said, I have given more time to the over all look of other things rather then to my own plan. For all you other Brides who are down to crunch time, here are a few reminders for things not to forget.IMG_8594

  1. Your jewelry, My bridesmaids have all their jewelry and I don’t have one thing for myself other then my wedding ring.
  2. Your lipstick (all day lasting, kiss proof, cake proof, rim of your glass proof)
  3. Undergarments, this is something you can talk through and think about during your fitting. Just make sure after your fitting you actually go and get them.
  4. Something old, new, borrowed and blue
  5. A toss bouquet, don’t throw your 150.00 worth of flowers to some drunk girls. Throw them one that’s worth about $20.00
  6. Lighters for sparklers, if you are doing a sparkler exit don’t forget to have at least 2 lighters and somewhere to discard the burnt ones
  7. Pick out your hair I have approved all bridesmaids hair and have no picked a thing for myself.
  8. Your emergency kit! (tampons, tide stick, sewing kit, mints Advil etc)
  9. Label your décor: have locations, diagrams or a solid verbal understanding with your planner about where you want things to go
  10. Purchase, wrap, steam, and load up the Bridesmaids gifts.ACS_0509
  11. Don’t forget to save an invitation suite to bring to the wedding or give to your photographer before hand
  12. Make a timeline for the week of: shine your ring, pack your honeymoon bag, focus on you etc
  13. Purchase cake cutting utensils (if not provided by the venue)
  14. Have pens for the guest book
  15. Have lighters for candles and a sparkler exit, don’t assume someone will have one.
  16. Purchase a wrap a gift, along with a meaningful card to your soon to be hubby.
  17. Pull cash out for tips for any vendors day.
  18. Add meals for your vendors to the catering order
  19. Arrange for some light food and beverage for the wedding party during the getting ready process
  20. Don’t forget to get your marriage license, good for 30 days.

I hope these tips don’t stress you out. You’ve got this girl! Happy wedding day!


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