National Sister Day: The 14 best things about having a sister

National Sister day:

My sister is younger then I am by about 20 months, I have always considered her to be my best friend. We shared a room until we were in high school and even then we shared a wall and could stay up talking half the night. My sister is the total opposite of me, I used to say I don’t think we would be friends if we were not sisters, but I don’t even like to think of a world where Emily and I aren’t close.


Today is National friendship day and National sister day, how fitting that I can write one blog and cover both topics with the subject of my sister Emily. Today I am breaking down my 14 favorite things about having a partner in crime who’s related to you.

  1. You have the same funny stories and quotes to relay back and forth at any given time.

One of our favorites quotes from “the Simple Life, Season 1” That stuff is gold!

  1. While for some people this means “two closets” in reality, borrowing clothes was not allowed. If I lent Emily something, I swore I would never see it again.
  2. There was  always someone else to blame when Mom came looking for whoever broke this or stained that.
  3. You could yell fight and scream but even to this day I don’t call my sister any bad words, she is always a Butt never a Bitch.
  4. We always had someone to play with and being the oldest meant she would go along with whatever crazy game I came up with that day.
  5. When we couldn’t sleep on Sunday nights, I always had someone to talk to.
  6. Your sister can become your therapist, from boy trouble, to weight loss, to style, we have each other’s back.
  7. No one is going to be as “constructive” with her comments (other then maybe your grandma)
  8. Sister code, secrets are just safe with her.
  9. You both can get distracted by old toys and random do dads from your childhood
  10. It’s like bringing your best friend on a family vacation or to holidays
  11. I can live vicariously through her different life
  12. No one else will understand the significance of: Animal crossing for the DS, Thirteen going on thirty, or going to our Nana’s in the summer.
  13. No one is going to support you like your sister.
  14. No one is going to fight with you like your sister.

While sisters may be super annoying, steal your clothes and listen to your phone calls as a kid, there is no one who can replace her. Cheers to all you lucky ladies who got to grow up and become best of friends with your sister.


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