Weekly Wedding Words: Wedding Day Bliss

Wedding day bliss:

I often worry about how things are going to come together on the big day. For months, I have been make decisions left and right about colors, textures, taste and the overall vibe. Part of me wishes I could set it up now and see how it all looks but the other part of me knows that it will be hours before my wedding that I even see half of it for the first time. As a wedding planner by trade, I know I am not the only Bride who has felt this way. Calming nerves before the big day is one of the most common things I come across in my work. Some are nervous about the physical act of getting married, some are worried about a relative getting in the way or stealing the show. For me, my nerves are centered around the success of the event.

Here are a few tips on how to settle yourself and keep it together before the big day.


Trust in your vision:

No one knows you wedding like you do, even if it’s all in your head. Being a visual person, I like to draw out the things that I am having a hard time translating to reality. I sketch out centerpieces to florist, welcome tables to my planner and so on. It may not be the prettiest drawing, but it helps show what everything looks like in my head. This also can be really helpful for vendors making your vision come to life the way the client wants.

Set goals you will actually meet!:

I cant stress this one enough, we always seem to set these crazy goals for ourselves ten are disappointed when we don’t meet them. The same is true for wedding planning. I think it is unreasonable to plan and plan for 2 months then not touch your wedding again until two weeks before. Spread out your planning, but on the same note, don’t leave everything to the last minute. If you are two months out from your big day make lists and set real timelines for each piece. Goals that still leave you with two fully open weeks at the end. There will always be last minute things that come up but being ready for them is much easier to tackle.

Talk it out:

If there are things you are scared will happen at your wedding, talk it out. This could be a serious chat with a family member or just a calming your nerves chat with your fiancée. Vocalizing a problem is a great way to get it off your chest or to work through it.  So if you are worried that your uncle will tell that embarrassing story during his toast, a serious chat will usual set them straight.

Sabrina Boykin Photography 

Let go of the things you cannot control:

As Brides, it is easy to think that you can have anything your way for your wedding. In the end though, planning only goes so far then comes God. You can not control the rain, but you can have plans in place to fix it. You cannot control the surprise zit you wake up with on your wedding day, but make up can go a long way. Finally you can’t control other people, even as much as we try. So remember to take a breath and relax. This day will still be wonderful, don’t not let the things you cannot change, change you.


This is one of the oldest ticks in the book. At the end of the day it is only natural to feel nervous before your wedding. As you get closer to the date, ramp up your workout routine. Throw in a casual walk, pick up an extra class at the gym, grab a gal pal and go for a run around the park. Extra endorphins go a long way in high stress times, not to mention some extra working out before your wedding is always good. When you lay your head down at night your body and mind will both be tired and fall right to sleep. What is better then sleep after all??

I hope these tips and tricks will put you at ease. If you ever need any extra help shoot me an email at Thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com I would love to help!


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