How to watch the Royal Wedding like a Royal

We are only a few short hours away from watching the modern day American actress marry a prince and live happily ever after! Over the years, there are events that happen, that you just have to watch live. If you don’t you may as well not watch it at all. Car chases, super bowls, and the royal wedding. I grew up in a house where royal weddings are treated like Cinderella’s wedding. Today at work however, to my dismay, no one I spoke to was planning to watch the royal wedding! Half of the people didn’t even know who Meghan Markle was! I was appalled. So this post is for my people, who know the value of an American actress becoming a modern day princess, the ones who know that royal weddings are a BFD! And most of all still believe in the power of true love, bringing together two worlds.  If you’re watching the wedding by yourself in your PJ’s or with a giant group of friends, let this be your guide to the perfect viewing experience

Step one:

Wear only the best Jammies! I know its early and you’re half asleep, but what would a royal do?? Obsessed with these pinstripe Ralph Lauren PJ’s Or go even more extra with a floor length Kimono, just imagine, cascading around your house in that bad boy!

Image result for ralph lauren woman PJSIMG_7455








Step Two:

Get the breakfast situation on point! Again, this shiz starts are 4:00 am on some networks…so if you’re going to do this, do it right!  Mimosa bar and scones for days! literally my favorite part of a party of is decorating for sure. So Again, even if you are the only one who is as extra as I am, drink tea from the fanciest tea cup you have. Bust out that China and those glass champagne glasses !

Step Three:

Pop some champagne and toast to the beautiful bride and groom! This is a royal day, so cheers to you and feeling beautiful and owning all of the extraness.


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