Beauty Tricks and Tries

Ill be honest, I have never been much for beauty trends, pallets, or collections. I did not start wearing makeup until the age of 15 and even then it was basically mascara. What can i say, I was a tomboy who still worshiped fashion but just had no interest in makeup or that part of style. In the beauty world today, there are millions of beauty bloggers, YouTube tutorials and celebrity influencers to follow. So where does that leave me? Well, to be frank, I can only tell you what I know. The makeup and beauty trends I am obsessed with aren’t flashy, because I myself, cant do them. So here are some of my old favorites and new trends that I loved trying! Not to mention all these are under $30.00!

Kristin Ess Rose Gold hair tint:

My hair has been dirty blonde my entire life, I am a hair dye virgin. So needless to say, I was a little worried when I first tried this product, in the fears it wouldn’t wash out. This Sh*T is amazing! I have dirty blonde hair (hence the name) and the pinky rose clung to every blonde highlight and even some low lights in my hair! I loved it! it washed out easily in about 5 washes and faded a little each time. Everyday Though I felt a little bit cooler, a little edgy and on trend. So if you’re not a big risk taker and want just a little more then usual, I would totally recommend this product and best of all, it’s from the greatest place #Target and not to mention $12.00!  Total game changer.


Gigi Hadid Jet Setter Pallet:

This may not be the newest of the new but launching in October of 2017 Gigi Hadid partnered with Maybelline to create this beauty. I saw it for the first time in Vogue and thought what a practical thing to have. Coming in as the same size as an eye shadow pallet, this baby has your entire face in one place. Highlighter, bronzer, eye shadow, lip gloss, concealer and mascara all in one place. Designed obviously for the on the go girl who could easily do her make up in the back of an Uber on the way to the airport. I myself, packed this as my make up in my carry on for all my trips! Best of all this gorgeous Model didn’t screw us with the price.  By Partnering with Maybelline, lowered the price point for such a concept. Giving you plenty of quality and quantity for your money, only $30.00 might I add! Again I would recommend this for every on the go girl boss who may need a touch up during the day or may need to tuck it into her carry on.


Impressions Vanity:

I have always been after that Hollywood look when it comes to a make up vanity. Those big lights around a mirror, for perfect lighting on that beautiful face. This little mirror is the best imitation for a great price of only $16.99 at TJmaxx! With the Led lights around the edge and the cute rose gold finish, who wouldn’t want this in her glam room every morning?!

I wasn’t sponsored to tell you what I think about these few products above, there are plenty of people who are. I am just giving you my honest opinion on what makes me feel pretty. They make me want to put in a little extra effort each morning, no matter how early the day may start. So here’s to each of you beauties, and all the things that make you feel your best.





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