Let’s hear it for the girls! How to throw a fabulous Galentines day

Unpopular opinion, I love Valentine’s Day! Most people believe this to be a day created by Hallmark to sell cards and restaurants to make priced fixed menus. I however, refuse to see the cynicism this day made for love. I have always been the girl with a few good and loyal friends, rather then surrounded by a sea of people. In the spirit of spreading the love, I absolutely love throwing a Galentines day! For those of you who don’t know, Galentines day is usually celebrated February 13th for all the single girls who need nothing more then each others friendship for Valentine’s day. For me personally those terms are a little restrictive, so make it your own! For me this party was a week before Valentines, held at a restaurant with a variety of fabulous woman in my life and budget friendly! IMG_6232

There are many ways to celebrate your ladies, from the over the top to the budget friendly! In an effort to stay within a tight budget, I opted to have our Galentines day at a local restaurant that had a little something for everyone. By having our soiree here this eliminated an additional cost for venue and took care of the food, typically the two most expensive parts of any event. I was left with more fun options for decor! Arriving a half hour early I was able to decorate our reserved tables with red, white and pink doilies, fresh flowers and gift bags for all my guests!

If there is one thing I have learned from being as #extra as I am, it is that people appreciate effort.  I am reminded of this every event I have a hand in. The little touches like;, homemade red velvet mini  cupcakes, lace wrapped mason jar vases and even wearing a tutu with a sequin kiss shirt, goes a long way to take your event to the next level.  I love my friends and want them to feel loved on Valentines day. As much as I love them I can never neglect or forget how lucky I am to have my amazing Valentine waiting at home for me. So while there are a lot of people who will try and kill my Valentine’s day spirit, I will still try my best to spread the love.


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