Down the Rabbit hole

There is a well known world that many know of but few dare to enter. This, my friends, is the world of Pageantry. I am lucky enough to feature the current Miss Chesterfield  Ashley Fisher this week! Just like while preparing for a pageant, we went all out for this piece, including a super fun Alice in Wonderland themed shoot!


If there is anything I have learned from being a bystander of my dear friend Miss Chesterfield, is that pageantry  is not something that can be half assed. Just like falling down the rabbit hole, its all or nothing. While enjoying our Mad Hatter style tea party, I was lucky enough to get a feel for who this Princess is as a contestant.

I first asked “So why did you want to get into pageants?”. Ashley, sipping tea, said “I  began pageants to prove to myself that if I could win one, that I could do other things and focus my mind on, without previous experience or knowledge – and I was right. I believe life is full of many twists and turns; knowing how to handle these situations without experience is key to believing in yourself to push through and continue forward.”

While continuing to sip tea and munch on delicious treats, the topic quickly changed to style, a huge part of pageants and to me one of the more exciting parts!


A person’s outfit speak volumes, and they are the first impression before you say a word. Any fashionista knows the importance of a good outfit, and I asked “What would you say your style is?” “I have a few different styles depending on what I am doing throughout the day. I keep my style business casual at work, lounge style at home, and in-style clothes when doing appearances as Miss Chesterfield. I believe your clothing style highlights your personal “style”: your flair, what makes you, you. I am pretty much a relaxed-casual being and my clothes reflect that.”  Finally I had to ask, just for the record who her favorite designer is! Every pageant girl has that dress that they just feel beautiful in, and for Miss Chesterfield, that’s Sherri Hill. “I have one of her couture gowns and it is breathtaking; I don’t think I could sell it if I had to!”

So as a Non-princess or crown chaser, what have I learned from Miss Chesterfield? She has easily shown what hard work, preparation and talent can get you. She entered into this new realm and figured her way to the top heading to Miss Virginia in June, just like Alice finding her way through Wonderland. Only when Miss Chesterfield wakes up on June 24th, it won’t have all been a dream, she will have really made it.


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