Weekend Getaway Must Haves!

The unofficial kick off to the summer is this weekend, Memorial day! A weekend best spent by the water, with friends, a cold drink and head to toe in Red White and Blue. So what’s in your weekend bag? I’ve found a few must haves for every summer getaway!

  1. The Perfect getaway starts with the perfect bag!

A great weekend starts in those days or hours before the trip when you’re mentally packing half your closet, if you are anything like me. So when it comes time to actually take things out and out them in a bag, I turn to this guy. My Hunter duffel bag. It’s made of  a water resistant outside and has tons of space inside without looking enormous. IMG_7243.JPG

2. The Perfect Sunnies

I have never been one for expensive sunnies, I either break them, loose them or just want a different look day to day. So my go to place for stylish easy sunnies is Ashby here in RVA! I love them all, every time I go there, I swear I walk out with a new pair. Summer is the best time to rock a great pair, classic or super on trend, no summer look is complete without them!


3.  The Traveling beauty look

An on the go look is not always the easiest to master. The summer is not kind to your skin or pores, with the constant sweating and sun, your skin really can take a beating these next few months. So getting the most bang for your buck with what you bring is key. I’ve talked about this before and will continue to rave about it, the Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette This kit is so practical I can’t ignore it! Your whole face in one palette, so easy for travel and the product inside is made with Maybelline, so you know you are getting good stuff. This Palette combined with a Kylie lip kit is everything! I recently took just these two items to the beach for a weekend and had more then enough! The lip kits gave me a great bold lip for dinner and the jetsetter palette gave my face just enough shimmer and highlight of a day at the beach!


4. A Great Towel

No matter how light you pack for a trip to the beach or the lake, you are going to need a towel. For sunbathing, photo shoots, or just drying off from the refreshing water, you need one so why not have a cute one? This guy is my favorite, so bright and colorful for summer! It’s also big! No more laying in a straight line for hours on end, this one is great for friends or even a picnic full of people.


So cheers to you loves, may your weekend getaways feel longer then they are. May all the rest and relaxation be restored in just a matter of days!



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