The First 48

The moment you get engaged, your life is instantly changed. You’ve been upgraded from girlfriend to the ever coveted role of Fiancee. Your head is spinning and once you come down from the ugly happy tears and endless kisses, most girls find themselves saying “now what?” Here is the real deal and what you may or may not know about the First 48 Hours after you get engaged.ACS_0119 (1)

  1. Time to make some calls

Once you’ve had a moment to soak in the beauty of your ring and everything that just happened, it’s time to make some calls.  Make sure you call any and everyone who is special enough to not find out through social media. l.E. your parents, bestie, siblings etc. Give yourself a moment before you jump into these, you don’t need to be annoyed at any point today, so don’t let questions or telling the same story 20 times annoy you.

2. The grand announcement

What used to be a moment that was announced in a formal party or the newspaper has now been accelerated to a simple relationship status change.  For me, changing my relationship status from “In a relationship with” to “engaged to” was such a moment! A moment that required the perfect picture and perfect caption. I’ll be honest, I was proposed to in the morning and literally spent 80% of the day trying to get a great picture to post on social media to go along with the status change. In the end, all my Pinterest searching had meant nothing, The photo I posted was a cute classic smiling picture of me and my fiancee with my arms wrapped around his neck to show off the bling. Drawing out the Social Media of this moment can potential put a damper on it, so be careful about where your focus should be on a day this special.

3. Put your phone on the charger

After you’ve made all the calls and its been announced to your followers, trust me, put your phone on the charger and leave the room. It’s going to blow up with; comments, like and texts of congratulations. As kind as people are being supporting you and your relationship, its more important for you to be in the moment with your fiancee, then on your phone saying thank you to everyone. This can wait until tomorrow.

4. Day 2

More then likely you’re waking up to a million more texts, likes and comments from those people who only get on Facebook once a week and that’s fine. As you’re going through your feed, you may notice that the ads are a little different… It didn’t even take a Google Search for all of your ads to be; wedding venues, flowers, dresses and amazon wedding gift suggestions. To be honest it will most likely be nothing short of overwhelming, no matter what kinda of bride you are.


By now, you are probably coming in contact with some people who are just finding out and for some reason think that in the 48 hours you’ve been engaged, you’ve had time to set a date…”so have you set a date yet?” no aunt Janice we haven’t. This question will continue to infuriate you until you have an answer for it. Not to mention, everyone you see now will want to grab your hand, manicures are necessary.  Don’t fret though, if anything, its motivation to get your wedding shit together. IMG_7642

Through all of this, as overwhelming as it may be, you are a lucky girl to be engaged to the man of your dreams. Since my engagement, I have been more convinced then ever the need for wedding planners and day of coordinators. Just like anyone else, your life does not stop to plan your wedding. So why not take it easy on yourself, take a breath and give a shout at, let me take some of that wedding craziness off your plate! I can’t wait to hear from you.



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