Honeymoon Vibes

The Honeymoon recap:

One our way to the airport the next morning we couldn’t have been more excited. The honeymoon was one thing I had not planned to any extent. I had had no extra time to map out excursions, restaurants to go to or even photos I wanted to take.  So it was almost like a bonus to have this beautiful trip ahead of us that I hadn’t even had time to be excited for. We boarded the plane and off to paradise we went. Stopping in Atlanta for our layover gave us just enough time for a slice of greasy pizza, even if it was only 9:00am, your girls gotta eat. After months of diet food that pizza was the first part of a great trip!

We arrived in Punta Canna around 12:00 and were taken to our resort, Majestic Mirage. 6 more days in heaven!

This type of vacation was none I had ever experienced before; very adult, very romantic, very elegant. For the next 6 days we would enjoy breakfast by the beach every morning. Complete with mimosas that were mostly champagne, just the way I like it! From there we would lay out on giant “beach Beds” as I called them and look out at the turquoise water. This was the type of vacation that was perfect for relaxing. For hours Jacob and I would just lay out in the sun, talk about all kinds of things and sip on giant fruity drinks.

At night the resort had shows, live music and a sports bar in case we started to miss our American roots.

The entire trip was a dream, relaxing, romantic and fun. We had our own butler who set up sweet surprises for us throughout the week. We had an over the top breakfast in bed, rose petals on the bed when we arrived, a jacuzzi on the porch with rose petals, bubbles and champagne and to end the week we had a romantic dinner on the beach. We had all the things that make up an amazing honeymoon!

A few tips:

  • If you are leaving the next morning for your honeymoon, make sure that your wallet and passport never leave your travel bag. Somehow I made it a week without my wallet, thank goodness I had my passport.
  • Download Netflix and any music you may need incase you have patches without Wifi or service along your way.
  • Remember to alert your credit card companies that you will be traveling internationally so they do not think your card is stolen.
  • Check the gift shop prices first! Whenever shopping or buying souvenirs, the gift shop might be over priced buy it will set the standard for shopping outside of the resort. A local vendor can tell you how rare a particular stone  in a necklace is and try to sell it to you for $50.00. Come to find out it is in the gift shop for $10.00.



Just like on a cruise or regular vacation there was always the offer for an excursion off property. We decided to do an Adventure Buggy side by side tour.

We headed to our first stop and learned about how coco was made and watched cigars being rolled. From there we were lucky enough to swim in a beautiful natural cave. After our swim the adventure began with a purposefully muddy path to a nearby beach. We were covered in bud by the time we got to the beach. Here we could jump in and rinse off. Then back to the resort, no car rental and no hassle. All and all this was about a 4 hour excursion, which was just what we were looking for!

We returned home on Saturday night and settled back into reality. If there is anything I would have done differently…I cant even think of anything. We had an amazing time! The perfect combination of fun, relaxation, adventure and romance. For couples on a tight budget after the wedding, I still recommend a honeymoon of some sort. Even just a weekend away at a bed and breakfast, you deserve it! Need tips and suggestions for honeymoon locations? Send me an email at Thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com I have some great ideas for you!



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