Weekly Wedding Words: Settle up and settle down

Now that we have almost been married a month, reality is starting to settle back in. While the wedding may still feel like it happened yesterday, there are plenty of things still to be done for it.

Post wedding has a whole set of to do’s that not many people realize. Today I am sharing my post wedding to do list, brace yourself newlyweds the wedding isn’t done yet.

Sabrina Boykin Photography 
  • Collect all décor, leftovers, mementos from the wedding that other guests may have taken for you on wedding night.
  • Organize all wedding gifts
  • Out with the old in with the new. Donating old towels, pots and pans etc that are being replaced with new wedding gifts.
  • Pressing the flowers from my bouquet and anything else that is being kept for a scrapbook
  • Order thank you notes
  • Distribute wedding photos to family members
  • Review vendors! Facebook, yelp, google, the knot, wedding wire, EVERYWHERE!
  • Have my dress and veil cleaned and preserved
  • Start the name change game, social security, DMV, Passport, email signature (your name is all over the place)



Another thing to process: Left overs

Vendors and planners do their best to help you order the proper amount of anything, but sometimes you just cant get it right on the dot. I love that my house now feels so personalized. I have custom cocktail napkins on our bar cart and koozies for anytime I have people over and want to offer them a beer. All of our candles now have their own set of matches, left over from our favors.

We did a fairly decent job on cake and dinner food with only a hand full of cake slices to hand out that night and come home with us. One of my favorite leftover was the wine and champagne. We had at least a case of red white and champagne each! Since we had so much, we invited the wedding party over a few weeks later to help us “clear the bar”. Another way for us to say thank you to our friends for all they did for us.


This list may be one of the shorter ones in the grand scheme of wedding planning, but there are still plenty of time consuming things left to do. The light at the end of the tunnel is even brighter now. You are almost done!

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding!




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