Weekly Wedding Words: T minus 10 days

The week before..

10 days, when you started at 180 something days, 10 day might as well be 10 minuets! It is all so real, all of a sudden people are asking you questions about the wedding, about what they should wear, when to arrive for the rehearsal. Something that has been on your radar for months is suddenly just coming onto everyone else’s. For some people, this could be really over whelming. For me, I just feel like the girl who knows all the answers and is in charge, I love it. Don’t get me wrong there is still a lot to do! With my “week of” list made, I am happy to share it with you!


Finish packing for honeymoon

Pack boxes of décor based on where they will be placed

Pack tip envelopes for vendors, if not already paid

Write letter to groom

Wrap all gifts for family and bridal party

Pick up dress

Fresh hair cut

Mani/Pedi (All Spa Appointments)

Make clean up and pack up plan. Who is taking the left over cake? Who is taking the gifts for you?

Press and put together rehearsal dinner outfit

Meet with any vendors who still need a final walk through

Pack day of bags

Create Emergency kit for day of

Finalize timeline with day of coordinator


My final tip, communicate!

Talk to all your vendors about specifics, or better yet, write it down. You can’t be disappointed when things aren’t the way you want if you did not verbalize it a lot!

Take the time to outline special things related to each vendor even if it is only a couple of bullet points.



Shortened first dance song

Exit song for ceremony

Custom intro for reception



Please hand a plate of gluten free for Grandma Jones

Cake cutting will be done in the kitchen not on the reception floor promptly at 9:00


Day of Coordinator:

Bride’s bag is the red one with the M monogram

Please have champagne and beer ready for bride and groom during their toasts

photo by Sabrina Boykin

Like things list like that can really help out your vendors and also keep you organized mentally. Cheers to passing finally handing things off to my trusted vendors and enjoying my last few days as a Bride before I take on my new role as Wife.


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