Weekly Wedding Words: The blushing bridal shower

One thing I have never had an issue with was being extra. I was born to go that extra mile and freeze flower petals into ice cubes. This weekend I was repaid for all the extra miles I have ever gone for my friends. This past weekend was my Bridal shower and I was truly a blushing bride with all of the sweet touches that each of my friends added.

Today I am excited to share an inside look at my bridal festivities and share some of my favorite tips for how to amp up your own shower.

My shower was a bubbly brunch theme complete with a champagne bar, welcome cotton candy mimosa and chicken and waffles!


The menu:


Chicken and waffles

Ham biscuits

Fruit cups in a waffle bowl

Mini yogurt parfait


Chips and dip

Ham and cheese and a veggie quiche



The Drinks:

Welcome drink of cotton candy and champagne or sprite and a cotton candy piece for garnish

Mimosa bar. Strawberry and blueberry garnish in OJ or cranberry juice

Tea and Lemonade for the non-drinkers


The Décor

Balloons everywhere! The mailbox, large rings, champagne bottles, and a beautiful balloon arch!

Banners with rings and sweet sayings everywhere

Votives and navy table cloths to really bring it up a notch

Framed photos of the bride and groom

The Donut wall! “love is sweet”

Welcome sign on the front porch


The games

I love a good bridal shower game. Honestly I think it helps keep people moving and engaged. Rather than hoping your cousins organically start talking with your friends from high school.

True or false, guess if this true or false based on what the questions reads Example

“The bride was asked out three times before agreeing to go out with the groom” False.

How well do you know the bride? Write in your answers to see who knows the bride the best! Example: What is the Bride’s favorite movie?

He said she said, guess who did or said what. Example: Who said I love you first?

Bridal Bingo, fill in your bingo card with potential gift items like a blender, pillow, towels etc. As the bride opens her gifts mark off your bingo squares to see who get 5 across first!

Frame for photos and props. Better than a photo wall because we could take it anywhere!


All games ended with a winner getting a sweet prize from us.


Pro tips

Greet your guests with a beverage, a water, lemonade or champagne. It is a great way to say hi to everyone who comes in and get them settled with a drink.

Bridal bingo! Let’s be honest, it can be pretty dull watching people open gifts, bridal bingo keeps everyone paying attention and interactive.

Details! Frozen ice cubes with flower petals on the top layer of the champagne bucket, fresh flowers, framed photos of the bride and groom, welcome signs and food on stands. All these details make for beautiful photos!


I am so grateful to my bridal party for traveling to be there and putting everything together. It was so wonderful to see my family who I don’t always see. Traveling and going the extra mile is not over looked by me. So a huge thank you to everyone who attended and had a hand in making such a memorable day for me.

Cheers to your big day and your shower, I hope these tips help you with your planning process.



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