Weekly Wedding Words: Getting ready looks

Weddings are expensive, there isn’t really a way around it. Event with a favor and strings pulled it is still expensive. I am 101 days out from my wedding (eeppp) While that still may sound like a lot, when you started with close to 400 days it seems like next week! Being a planner by trade, I am aiming to have everything 98% done by October 1st. getting into the nitty gritty, I have found is the place where “smaller” fees come into play. For example gifts and tips, while they don’t add up to the final payment of your venue, these numbers can add up quick! You think you’ve almost successfully mapped your way through the financial woods that is your wedding and all of a sudden it’s time to pay $300 for robes and gifts just for your girls! As much as I love my girls and love to spoil them, $40 X 5 in my case is a cool $200.00, again while it may not seem like a lot, it happens to fall during the same time frame as final payments for vendors.

So as I make my decisions in these last few months, I am looking to get the best bag for my buck! Today I am sharing my top 5 options for getting ready attire. It is always such a cute shot during the getting ready, all the girls on the bed in matching robes laughing and excited. So what do you want your girls to have as a memento from your wedding? Also, what is going to be cute comfy and practical for getting ready all morning?


Target $21.99 for both pieces


These are made from that amazing fabric that is sooo comfortable, I prefer these rather than an expensive pair from Etsy. Want to take these up a notch? Take these to your local Monogrammer and for about $10 you have custom cuties for your girls to wear around the day of.

The Men’s Denim Shirt

unnamed (1)

Love this look for something casual and rustic, the men’s shirts will be comfortable and long enough to wear with black leggings they already own. Pick yours up at Walmart today and skip the delay and annoyance of shipping.

The Lace Robe $27.50

unnamed (2)

While this isn’t the most practical it sure is cute! I love this robe because it is unique and I hate a silk robe TBH. The fabric does not breath and I am left there sweating all over everything, so this light weight beauty is just what I was thinking! P.S. I love this site for anything wedding and gifting related!

The Off the shoulder sack dress

unnamed (3)

If you are looking to do something a little different, I think an off the shoulder dress is a great idea. It’s easy and comfortable and this particular one has a great boho vibe to it. My favorite part is they are only $9.99 from forever 21! P.S. it also comes in white!

The Zip up 26.99

unnamed (4)

Depending the time of year and location of your wedding, a zip up hoodie could be exactly what you need to get ready. I can see it now, the hotel room with a coffee laughing with your girls about “that one time when” while Sarah gets her hair done and Emily is having lashes glued on.

Fun tip, iron on monograms are a great way to save a little and still make your girls feel like you didn’t grab something off the rack!

So what do you think? Drop your picks for your favorite getting ready pieces below!


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