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House Warming How To:

From the day we started house hunting, I was already excited to throw our house warming party. Once the date was set and the invites had gone out, there was no going back. I was obsessed, as a party planner should be. Now that the food is all gone and the flowers have died, I am ready to share my 5 tips for how to put on a phenomenal house warming party!

  1. Pick a theme
    1. This seems like an obvious statement, I know. Trust me having a distinct theme really helps! Some of my favorite themes include: UP!, wet paint, and Lemon fresh (My party theme)
    2. Once the theme is chosen, own it! If  you are crafty, take this opportunity to make home made banners, signs or décor. For my Lemon Fresh theme I had lemons everywhere, in bowls, in the drinks, in the food, even in the air in the form of a candle. Create a theme that is unignorable to your guests.
  2. Know your audience
    1. Just like in business, knowing your guests will make for a well-executed event. If you know it will be mostly young people who like to drink and party, play into that. Offer a signature cocktail, music playing everywhere to liven things up and a later start time so you can continue on into the night. On the contrary, if your crowd is mostly older adults and family maybe stick to an earlier time, cheese plates with beer and wine.
  3. The perfect food
    1. Your food is really dependent on three main things:
      1. what time of day is it?
      2. What is the attire?
      3. Who are you serving?
      4. How many people are you serving?

This plays into the knowing your audience, if you have 10/12 people that could easily turn into a dinner party style event, formal plates set at a table with a full meal expected. If you are more on the side of 20/30 guests, you should probably plan on light appetizers. This also takes place into the attire, you cant have a formal cocktail party and serve hot dogs and hamburgers. A more appropriate choice would be sliders, caprese salad and chicken skewers.

  1. Plan Ahead
    1. If you can’t afford to have your party catered, make sure you have extra batches of drinks, snacks and desserts ready to go. I always feel so bad for the host who runs around her own party scrambling to refill drink dispensers, make more sweet tea and refill chip bowls. Have at least two extra pitchers of whatever beverage you made in the fridge. If you have warm food, like skewers and sliders, opt for a Sterno tray to keep the extras warm. You can always hide the trays in another room if you think it is messing up your glorious display.
    2. This planning also goes for your home pieces. If you know that you don’t want water rings on all your new furniture, set out coasters on most of the tables, they will get the hint. Think about things that need to be kept safe when you open your home to others. Take the proper steps with some of the nicer things in your home, look around and say would I mind if mud and dirt was caked into that new area rug? Maybe I should pull it up or move it to a low traffic area. This also means setting up extra seating and in some cases tables. We set up two folding tables and 10 folding chairs scattered through our house. It made it easy to spread people out and offer a refreshment in every room.
  2.  Dress to impress2539A94A-1F87-4CCB-9588-6A4E58642C00
    1. Ultimately you set the theme for your party and the tone. A house warming party can be somewhat difficult to predict as far as what to wear. When in doubt ask the host, as the host have your outfit ready way in advance. For me and my casual backyard party, I wore a very 50’s housewife button up navy dress with a key hole back. Cute light and easy is what I was going for. If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to the host, here are a few ways to gauge the vibe:
  1. The invitation. Fancy? Via Facebook? What kind of vibe is coming from the invite?
  2. The time of day. If the party starts after 4:00 assume cocktail, a dress and heels or show stopping pants and a top. Before 4:00, a sun dress or dark wash jean and cute top.
  3. The host them self. If this is your best friends party and you know she’s so down to earth she will probably have on jeans, dress it up one step up from just jeans. Dark jeans with a blouse styled top and a wedge will get you through almost any event. Better to be over dressed then under dressed I always say!


I hope your party goes off without a hitch! Let your home be filled with laughter and love.



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