Weekly Wedding Words: Photo Ready, Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoot prep:

I love a good photo shoot! Being a bride and the “star of the show” it is a given for me that photos need to be taken to capture us in a setting outside of the wedding. There are so many different venues, backdrops and outfit options for shoots like this. From the uber formal on the capital steps in a long formal dress, to the cute and casual couple in a field or a forest. These photos say so much to me about a couple! Just by looking at the photos, I can get a good sense of who they are, something to keep in mind while picking your own location.

This week I am having my second set of engagement photos done…Yes I said second. In the fall when we first got engaged we had a set of photos done as a prize for winning a contest for free engagement photos. Now that we have our wedding photographer booked, we had a free engagement session included in the package, so naturally we are going to use it!


Being a week out from the shoot, I am sharing my “Week of routine” for glowing skin, perfect nails and confidence from the inside out.

Sunday: The shoot is Saturday, the prep beings. I usually like to start the week off right with a workout on Sunday. Starts everything off to a good note. After my workout I will take a long shower and use my Scrubee.c2d01b88-0571-438f-afda-05ac0b1fecc1

I love this little guy, a combination of honey, shae butter and what feels like sand. The “sand” will scrub away all the dead skin you have and the shea butter is right behind it to moisturize that fresh layer of skin. I work out and shower at night so right to bed after my shower. Fun fact every night this week will end early for a good night sleep.


Monday: The real week begins, after a long day at work and a few coffees, I am home. It’s now time for a fashion show. The goal is to try on my ideal look head to two. I usually order something new for these shoots but always have one classic piece that I am comfortable in. The outfit is so important to the outcome of your photos. Here’s a few things to keep in mind while picking your look:

 Location- Is it outside? Is it going to be hot? Will your outfit show sweat if it comes to that?

Terrain- What kind of shoes are you planning to wear? Do you have to walk through mud, dirty, rocks to get to your destination?

Prints- only one of your should have on a print to be honest. If your man is wearing a checkered button down, take this time to wear something solid or maybe with some texture.

Time of year- if it’s fall, that does not give you an excuse to pile on accessories, while layers make for a more interesting look, don’t add a jacket, long sleeve, scarf, hat, necklaces, a bag etc. No matter what time of year keep it simple and try to think how it will look on film for years to come. Nothing too trendy.

Film- I always take a flash photo of my outfits before picking them for a shoot. Can you see through it? Are any undergarments exposed in the flash or bright lights? Does the pattern look the same in the photo as it did in the mirror. Clothes can be a real pain sometimes and truly betray you in front of a camera.

Tuesday: Assuming all is well with my look, I turn my attention to accessories and add ons. As I mentioned, there is a fine line between adding depth to your photos and adding on junk.

My go to pieces for shoots include simple jewelry. Thin gold chain necklaces, classic stud earrings and no other rings other then that shinny Diamond. If you are looking for a place to make a statement, I think earrings are great! If you have a simple dress feel free to jazz it up with a large hoop or drop earring. When it doubt see what it looks like In a photo maybe you don’t need them after all?  A Lush Sea Salt face scrub before bed and then head to bed early with Lush sleepy time lotion on my T zone and lights out!


Wednesday: By now my outfit is fully styled and ready to go! Now onto Jacob (my fiancée) If your fiancée is anything like mine, they don’t care a ton about photos or shoots. So I insert myself into the role of his stylist. The key to picking his outfit is to complement yours without matching. If you are wearing jeans and a white top, your man shouldn’t also be in jeans and a white top. After his outfit is chosen my day will end with another workout, and Scrubee shower. After my shower, apply a blackhead removing pore strip to my nose, yank it off before bed and off to dream land.


Thursday: Today is all about nails and hair, if you can take the day to pamper yourself. Get your nails done or do them yourself. After or during your shower, apply a hair mask for clean healthy looking hair. If you have time and money, make an appointment to get your roots touched up and the dead ends trimmed from the bottom, it really goes a long way! End the day with Lush Sleepy time lotion on my face in the T zone and off to bed!


Friday: The night before! While in the shower, I will use the Lush Sea Salt scrub to wash away the dead skin and one more round with Scrubee. Once I am out I apply my go to face mask. The Lush Mask of Magnanimity.IMG_7954.JPG

While It hardens to your face, take a moment to clean your ring! The week will easily get away from you, if you have time, try and stop by a local jeweler. They will usually offer to clean your ring for free or a small fee. Just make sure you know how long it will take for them to clean it!

Once your mask is set, wash it off and check on your looks. I like to hang everything on a hanger together, his outfit right next to mine. Shoes sitting on the floor clean and everything ready to go. Some photographers love a sunrise shot and may ask you to be there and ready by 6:00 or 7:00 Am! Be ready the night before, have everything you need including undergarments on the hanger as well. I don’t leave anything to chance. Sleep tight beautiful and be ready to capture your love tomorrow!

Hopefully these tips will help make your shoot less stressful. To check out some of my favorite Lush products mentioned above follow this link!

Honey Suckle Rose Photography 



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