Weekly Wedding Words: Wedding shoes, Save or Splurge?

Let talk about shoes!

What girl does not love shoes? I love them and have an entire 6 tired rack of shoes in my closet at home. So wedding shoes are obviously something I was excited about. All of sudden it has become this nagging thought of “are these even that important?” “should I just get some flats and be comfortable?” Questions like that roll through my mind with every wedding conversation I have with myself now. So I decided to do a little digging, I took to Facebook and other wedding circles and asked “where did you get your wedding shoes?”

The responses I got back were varied from target to Nordstrom. Varieties of ladies with a variety of opinions on the subject.

“I wanted to be able to wear them again”

A lot of Brides today are choosing shoes and accessories for themselves as a place to save money. Rather than spending $200 on shoes that are too fancy for real life, they are spending $30.00 on heels from Lulu’s and Target with a simple heel and strap across the toe. Then there is the bride that knows it is her day, one day where no one can blame her for wearing a $2000.00 dress so doesn’t that deserve $200.00 shoes?

I can easily see both sides of this argument so now I want to pose the question to you and have you help me pick my shoes.

Drop your comments below for what shoes you like the best and where you stand on this topic “Wedding shoes, save or spurge?”

Etsy $65.00
unnamed (1)
Asos $48.00
Capture 5
Vince Camuto $180.00
Blinged out boots $150.00


Betsy Johnson Flats $109.00


So what do you think? I need all the help I can get!


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