Weekly Wedding Words: Styled Shoots

When I got into the business of wedding planning a new world of inspiration opened up to me, Styled shoots. I had no idea that they were a thing, some of the best content I was looking at on vendors sites was from styled shoots rather than live weddings. For a vendor, it’s a great way to flex those muscles outside of a big day, experiment with new ideas and themes and most importantly, make sure everything is perfect, resulting in great content. So why am I talking about this? Why are styled shoots important to a real life bride?IMG_4253 They are important for the same reason fashion magazines images are important! Magazines don’t show you real people in every day clothes, they want you to dream and see what can be done with a black turtleneck sweater. Its seeing the reality in the mist of fashion that took me a while as a kid, I expected to look at magazines and see woman who looked like my mom in jeans and some kind of cute top and a practical pair of shoes. It wasn’t until later that while a model could have on 75 bracelets that are all different or jeans and no shirt on, but you leave the page thinking “I think I need new jeans or Do I have any good bracelets?”

So here I am, a bride myself, 6 months until my wedding. I swear, I have seen the same things on Pinterest over and over. Not that those images and ideas aren’t lovely, I have just been there seen it. The same rustic signs and cute details on centerpieces. Sometimes I find the best way to harness in new inspiration is by looking at images that are so outside of the box! while talking to my florist, she told me about an amazing display for Richmond weddings they did this year, colors bright and wild. My florist told me that it was so fun to try new things and really just show off what she could do as a designer rather than the same cookie cutter flowers I am sure she does most weekends.

Shows, styled shoots, magazines and social media, all excellent source of inspiration! I love promoting and helping other entrepreneurs on their journey. When asked to share some details about this styled shoot, I jumped at the chance to put the names out there of some very creative vendors! So here is your daily dose of wedding inspiration! Feeling inspired is motivating, motivation is a high dollar item. Take it and run with it!


Be sure to check out the links below to learn more about these amazing vendors.

Vendor Appreciation:

Happy planning!



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