Building the best boxes for the best ladies: Bridesmaid’s boxes

When it comes to asking your favorite ladies to be part of your special day, there is more that goes into it than meets the eye. There is a price tag attached to every element of the wedding. If you are a member of any Facebook group for wedding planning, the words “cost an arm and a leg” is a frequent phrase when searching for; vendors, gifts, basically anything! it’s no secret that a wedding is going to cost money if you want to make it a big deal. I am a firm believer that you can have a beautiful wedding for under 20 even 15 thousand dollars.

Creating my bridesmaid’s boxes was one of the first DIY projects I have taken on while planning my own wedding. I wanted to share my creative process along with the total price tag. I wanted my boxes to be unique and relatively practical. There is nothing I see more of for sale after a wedding is things that are labeled; “Bride, Maid of honor, Mrs. & Mr.” etc. So I wanted to give my ladies something they could use long past the wedding.


Stemless tumbler wine glass with a monogramed name ( cups from Homegoods and Monograms by a fellow boss babe with R.O.C. Expressions!

Emergency chocolate a.k.a Dove Chocolate with a little DIY wrapper

Blue and gold marble planner/notebook ( cheap find from Amazon)

Rose gold pen ( another cheap find from

Mini Bottle of Champagne ( with a little DIY on the glittered coating)

Lavender bath salt (local find from the farmers market)ACS_0280

One of my favorite parts of the putting these together was the wrapping. I was lucky enough to find 40% photo boxes from Hobby Lobby, so each box can again be reused. Their names were printed on a label for the front slot of the boxes for that little special touch. I can’t say enough about Hobby Lobby when it comes to wrapping, there were sales on top of coupons for everything I needed! This is pretty much all year, not like these boxes were put together on Black Friday. I wrapped a thick braided ribbon and tucked an artificial piece of lavender in the knot and they were finally ready! When I added it all up, the total rang in just under $30.00. Think about that what you will, there are plenty of premade options that are around or a little more then what I spent. Then there are plenty of options that are more around $10.00. At the end of the day, I like what I gave my girls, I like that I made it, I picked the items and it was custom to my day.

With 3 bridesmaids and my maid of honor, this whole process was right around $100.00.  this Isn’t to try and say look how much I spent or oh look how I saved, this is just a reference. A real-world application of how much It can cost to build a Pinterest ready bridesmaids box.

Spending the money and having a big wedding versus going to the courthouse it’s a difference of opinions, plain as politics.  Neither is better than the other. EVERY bride is entitled to make her wedding the way she wants it to be to the best of her abilities. Bride to Bride and Planner to Bride, Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your decision about what type of wedding you want to have. Enjoy this time, don’t let your haters kill your bridal buzz.


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