The Mom bag: National Handbag day

As big a fad that Mom jeans have become, wouldn’t it make sense that a well-stocked “mom bag” is right behind it? While this probably isn’t the case, in honor of national handbag day, I am here to share the insides of my bag on a daily basis. IMG_8977

Since Middle school, my purse has been stocked with the essentials. While my definition of “essentials” may have changed over the years, my bag is still always stocked for the female emergency. Every single purse I own has four things at all times; A pen, feminine products, at least two bobby pins and business cards. Stocking all my bags only took about an hour one rainy Sunday. So if you ever needed to thank that woman in the restroom who had an extra tampon for you, I’ll be accepting our thank yous on behalf of us all. And happily respond with “you’re welcome, anytime!”

While these items live permanently in every day I have, there are a handful of things that I move from bag to bag, but always have with me.

2018 essentials:

Batiste dry shampoo         Lotion (Bath and body works always clutch)

Sunnies                                Hand Sanitizer ( also a bath and Body works necessity)

Ibuprofen                            Chapstick and or lip gloss

Cash                                      Mints or gum (usually left over from a restaurant) ACS_0299

I take after my nana who has always carried so much in her purse, she by far has the heaviest purse at any given time. While my sister and mom always mocked her for how heavy it was, I now see we are one in the same. Mock us now, until you need ibuprofen at brunch or a dollar to get through the toll on the way home. I may not always have it together, but I can fake it for a while with some magic from my purse. Happy National handbag day you purse loving people!




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