RVA Coffee Guide: Inspiring Places

Coffee, Coffee, and more Coffee. That’s what my week, day, life runs on. I can get all the sleep in the world and still want my coffee as soon as I wake up. My overly sweetened coffee has become part of my routine. Along with my coffee, my “office” situation is pretty routine. I sit sideways on the couch for half the day, then move to a desk in our living room unless I am working my flat lay magic. For my fellow boss babes who work from home, it can get a little mundane working from the same place you watch movies, drink wine and entertain people. So when being at home too long has killed the creative spirits, I love to hunt down more coffee and sit in a place that gets those creative juices flowing. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite hideouts with the best coffee and treats!

Sugar and Twine!

Cozy and cool are the first two words that come to mind when I think about Sugar and Twine. Conveniently located just a few blocks up from my house, on Cary Street, this gem has become one of my favorites!

Iced coffee is my go-to drink, with either a snicker-doodle cookie or chocolate croissant on the side and I am a happy girl! My spot is by the window, I love seeing the creative characters walk by on Cary. This place is always packed with other hard-working people, which I find inspiring. I once walked from my apartment in 6 inches of snow to go and sit, have a coffee and get some work done and it was still packed! I love that for them though, just proof that this is a good place, for coffee, work, friends, and just being inspired!

The VMFA: The BEST Cafe


I am not just hyping up the VMFA when I say BEST, that’s literally the name, but they aren’t wrong, it’s awesome! I have loved the VMFA since I was 16 years old. My fashion dreams were fueled more than ever when I took a summer fashion design program through the museum. I have been going ever since, to soak up creativity and also to have a glamorous coffee in a glass mug. Something about sitting in a white space or outside on the deck, that really gets the creative juices flowing.

Quirk Hotel 

This has really become one of the gems or Richmond! It is so beautiful and girly, any boss babe would love it! Being able to shoot with She Shoots RVA  here was such a pleasure. The Quirk has become a place of inspiration, celebration and a feeling of joy. Even if I grab a quick coffee to go, the signature “fuel the love cup”, keeps me going through the day!

It was such a pleasure shooting with Stephanie and making this feature post come to life! While you are making yourself at home, in your favorite coffee spot, be sure and scroll through her Instagram and find even more inspiration!



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