Falling for Fall

As women, we have the ability to create something out of nothing whenever we want. This is usually a trait that is used against us, but I ask you, “who do you think invented Fall as a holiday?” We have managed to turn a season into an event, that has the same about of hype, decor, planning, and events as Christmas. We are now into September and I am hearing the same things over and over again from my fellow #BossBabes, “Is it too soon to put up my fall decorations?” The answer is no, mine have been up since the last week in August.

So why are women so excited for Fall?¬† For me, it is a time for new fashion statements, cute events like flee markets and apple picking, it’s the start of the holiday season! So I guess, somewhere down the line, ladies looked around and said: “let’s just go ahead and make this a reason to celebrate.” And why not? Fall is awesome!

So from someone who is so extra and very into planning, of course, I have plenty of fall decor that is scattered through my apartment. I wanted to share a few cute ways to decorate that won’t break the bank or look like you are trying too hard.

I am all for a DIY! This little project I made a few years back when I really had no money, being a recent graduate.


So won’t sugar coat this, this is a stick from my yard. I got some clearance sheer ribbon, a bag of fake leaves from Micheals, then hot glued them to the end of the ribbons. once dried I tied them to the stick and hung that bad boy up on a command hook. For a little extra sparkle, literally added some glitter to Modge Podge and painted the leaves before gluing them down. Adds a little extra sparkle and also makes the leaves look crisp like they were kissed by the fall air!


I found these apothecary jars at a yard sale, such a good find! Now I keep one on my bar cart year round for my seasonal decor. IMG_8663.JPGFor fall it becomes an easy way to get that cozy fall look. I got two sleeves of plastic little pumpkins from Target and boom, done! Insider tip, my first year I filled them with real mini pumpkins and gourds and unfortunately the real veggies fog up the jar if the lid is left on, hence where the plastic pieces came in.

A festive centerpiece for your coffee table or kitchen table is one of my favorites! I’m kind of obsessed with this! Michaels sells styrofoam hollow pumpkins and tall glass candles. Measure the width of the candle base that will sit down inside the pumpkin. with a knife, cut the top of the pumpkin. Before you put the candle inside, you can always do a little extra Modge podge with glitter down the sides like I did, because I am so extra!ACS_0237

So if you’re a fall fanatic, like myself, I hope these tips will come in handy! I would love to see your fall decor, I am always looking for new ideas! So go ahead ladies, enjoy every Pumpkin spiced latte, snuggle into every sweater and crunch every leaf!


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