Five Stylist Services

When most people first meet me they think I am a hair stylist. I am here to set the record straight. The Dirty Blonde Stylist is a lifestyle company that was created from a love of fashion and style. One of my key services to the every day woman is fashion and wardrobe styling. Most people don’t know what this entails or think that a service like this is not attainable. Wrong! I am here for the everyday woman who may struggle with clothing or putting together looks everyday. My services and prices are tailored for you! Today I want to give you a small taste of what I can do for you.

The Closet Clean Out

An overwhelming task to do by yourself, but I am here to help. Starting with everyday all the way to those piece we don’t wear for years. I want you to really see what you have or don’t have, what you need and don’t need any longer. This is almost always the first step to a full styling makeover

In house styling

Sometimes all that is needed is a fresh eye on the things you already have. Spending a few hours together can lead to some beautiful luxe that can be worn all year. You don’t always need something new you just need a new perspective.Spending a few hours together can lead to some beautiful luxe that can be worn all year. You don’t always need something new you just need a new perspective.

Virtual styling

During a pandemic everything changed, including our wardrobe. If you were still interested in investing in yourself during this time virtual styling might be a great option for you. Via zoom we can go through your closet, put together outfits, and even still do shopping training. A pandemic can’t stop style.

Special occasion style

Some of my clients only need help for particular moments in life. Maybe you are the mother of the groom I need something to wear to the wedding. Let me bring you options that will be perfect for your special occasion.

Full service make over

For those who are ready to make an investment in themselves, this is such a rewarding service. Starting from scratch all the way to a confident and empowering wardrobe. Clean, shop, fit, style all for you and your confidence!

Celebrate the yourself this year and get the gift of style! Styling isn’t just for celebrities or Instagram models, it’s for you! Great style is just a click away, send me an email at to start your style journey today!


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