How to give yourself a fresh start in 2021

Recently I asked myself, “what makes a new year new?” Is it just habit for this time of year? What makes January 1 more than just another day?

Each day has the power to hold whatever weight we put on it. Christmas, Anniversaries, and birthdays are all just “another day” but to you they hold value and meaning that you celebrate. New years day is no different, the clock passes midnight and our fresh start begins. After a year like 2020, I have to wonder, is it wise to claim the year as “your year”? So how do we give our selves a fresh start after a year that was so difficult on each of us?

The new year is always associated with “new shiny different change “after 2020 I think we are all looking forward to a change. Retailers are all too happy to help us change you won’t find any clearance athletic wear. Calendars and planners our top sellers. Retailers will have you think that the goals for the new year are getting organized, getting fit, and getting stylish. I can’t disagree, all of my resolutions each year have something to do with these three categories. Another frequent resolution is to save money. Stores are all too happy to help you break this resolution by quickly buying new storage bins, the best new leggings, and then a fabulous dress to celebrate your weight-loss efforts.

Today I want to share a few ways to stick to your rations without spending little to no money. Bring the “new” into the new year with these three easy steps!

Clean out

Attack your closet by yourself or with the help of a professional stylist. Chances are you will find new pieces to get rid of. Things you haven’t worn in over a year or things that are no longer compatible with your life. Maybe last year you were a new mom, so you have a lot of oversized or maternity pieces. Part ways and make room for the new! Best part about a closet clean out is being able to sell things at consignment shops or on marketplace. Not to mention all the space and hangers you have gained!


Since “the home edit “became huge on Netflix, the container store and organizing is on everyone’s to do list. Before you run out and buy $300 worth of containers and boxes, start with what you have. Start in one space at a time, maybe under your bathroom sink is first. Pull everything out get rid of the expired or almost empty items, then group like items together. Chances are you already have enough containers to handle what actually needs to be stored or can make do with what you have. Of course, if needed, take a quick trip to the store to get the organizational supplies you need for only that area. Resist the temptation to overspend.


It is amazing what you can make feel new just be putting it somewhere different. If you are tired for of your home space after all these months of working at home, shift the flow of your room. Move furniture around, change up the layout of the drawers and cabinets. You will be surprised how “new” things can feel just by being in a different place. Not to mention, this is a chance to try something different without spending any money.

If you are looking for a little help getting started on your new year journey, I would love to help! Fill out the form below to get started.


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