The Simple Side

Even when we are not in a pandemic, life is busy and can easily get out of control. How do we keep it simple and manage our lives with a simplistic attitude? Do you remember that show “The Simple Life” with Paris and Nicole? They were whisked away to farm country, where they spent time living the “simple life”. I think back to that show and wonder, what qualities make that the simple life? They are hard-working, they have families to support and they bust their butt every day to keep that up. That doesn’t sound simple? Then I think about things closer, they may work hard to support their families but at the end of the day, it’s those simple things that bring joy to their lives. Finding happiness in the simple things, makes a simple life. Finding joy in your kids playing, being satisfied by the dinner you cooked for your family, and enjoying what you are working towards.

So how do we keep it simple? I certainly do not claim to know the secrets to living carefree and simply. I do believe that these three tips will help you ride some of the complications out of your life.

Stop comparing your self to strangers online

Seek inspiration from others. When you feel the doubt and insecurities start to creep in from scrolling through Instagram, that is when you know it is time to put your phone down.

Focus more on less

When we pour focus into one thing, rather than ten little things, the results are amazing! Try it for yourself and see.

Live life with a grateful attitude

It is easy to get used to all the wonderful things we have. Whenever I notice myself getting too comfortable or asking God for too much. I take a moment and thank him for specific blessings in my life. After all, no one likes a selfish or greedy person.

No matter how hectic life gets, I hope you can always find your way back to the simple life.


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