The World Was Hers For The Reading

I have a confession, I have never been a reader. I don’t like to read, yet I love the stories. When I was younger, I would fall asleep to get out of reading my summer books. To this day, I still get sleepy when I crack open a new book. This year, I decided to work around my issues and downloaded Audible. I listen to at least one new book a month now and have gotten so much out of each one!

I have a very specific taste in books, I love an autobiography. I love hearing how someone I know, got to where they are today. Having the familiar voice of a celebrity read their story to you is all the more interesting. My go to place for audio books used to be my car, I would run errands and listen to the calming voice of Julie Andrews tell me her life story. Since quarantine I have has less reason to leave the house and have had to adapt my listening schedule. Never the less, I have come across some great reads in the past few months that I am going to share with you today!

Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson

I learned about patience, perspective and consistency. This was one of the first “body books” I have ever read. In an effort to increase my awareness of my own health, I looked to Kate for guidance and I got it! I would 100% recommend this book for anyone looking to start out on a new body journey.

Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon

Have you ever felt connected to a person or movie because it just sounds like they get you? That is what Whiskey in a Teacup did for me. I have always admired Reese Witherspoon and her sweet southern charm. This book touches on what everything a southern lady is about, dinner parties, red lipstick and hot rollers, and of course family and good food.

Scrappy Little Nobody By Anna Kendrick

A young famous face that is so relatable, it’s crazy! Her narration of this book is better then anything I could have ever dreamt up myself, one of the perks of having an actress read to you. Her story is hilarious yet inspiring. Easy read and now I know more about my favorite Pitch Perfect character.

Home Work By Julie Andrews

The comforting voice of Mary Poppins coming through my headphones is beyond soothing. I admit, I never would have even considered attempting to read this giant book if I had stumbled across it in Barns and Noble. It took over 12 hours to finish this beauty but when I did, I felt I knew every detail of her life. Most of her career was before my time, so I was able to learn more about her incredible career and passion for all that she does.

Find Your Path By Carrie Underwood

My second venture into body positivity and health as a topic. Carrie Underwood, the incredible country singer and sweetheart has introduced me to new ideas about living a healthy lifestyle. Making unnecessary trips up the steps each day or parking far away at the store are some examples. Reading these books are all about gathering ideas on what I can do to make my everyday lifestyle more active and healthy. Hearing these tips throughout the day keeps my mind focused on what I should be doing.

I hope you enjoy at least one of these great books that I have listed above. Since I have more time on my hands, with fewer events and places to go. I am perfectly comfortable getting all BOOKED this weekend! ( I love a good pun. )


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