What No One Tells You About After You Getting Engaged

On June 2, 2018 the love of my life dropped to his knee on Virginia Beach Oceanfront and in one breath said “Will you marry me?”. From that moment on my life changed. Looking back on that happy time, I feel blessed that Jacob went to such length to make our engagement perfect for me. Simple, yet perfect. I always like to hear the proposal story, I think it tells a lot about the couple. Some proposals are more casual some are very over the top. As a planner, it is a great first introduction to the couple.

While you stand there in awe over your beautiful ring and your blushing fiancee soak in those moments, they are the best few seconds together of pure happiness. Because before you know it things are going to change around you.

You are not always going to look your best

You may have thought up this amazing proposal in your mind, you are wearing just the right thing and it is so romantic. In reality though those things don’t matter. Jim and Pam’s proposal story is one of the most romantic and spontaneous and it happened at a gas station. No matter what you wore or were doing that day, own your story, it is unique to you and your fiancee.

You won’t be able to stop smiling or looking at your hand

The day I got renegaded I remember my face hurt at the end of the day for all my smiling. My ring sparkled in the sun every time I moved and I never wanted to take it off. Still to this day I love my rings and all that they represent.

Your phone is going to blow up with notifications

As soon as your post goes live on Facebook or Instagram, just set your phone aside for a few hours. Trying to manage the virtual congratulations will take you out of the present.

Recently married friends are suddenly wedding planners

Suddenly all your girl friends who have gotten married in the last 5 years are going to offer unsolicited wedding planning advice. They mean well, so just smile and soak it in. Never hurts to get information on the crazy world of wedding planning.

You don’t have to figure everything out immediately

A lot of people will start asking your questions the second you get engaged. “Where do you want to get married?” “what is the big day?” “are you going to have an engagement party?” Don’t let these questions or people overwhelm you. If you are taking your time with the planning or going to have long engagement, all you have to say is “oh, we are just enjoying being engaged right now, but thanks for asking!”

So from one former bride to another, enjoy this time and soak up all of the well wishes for you and your fiancee. As you settle into your planning mode, I am here for you. Give me a call with all your questions. I love helping couples navigate through wedding planning.


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