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Have you ever been shopping in a clothing store and a sales associate comes up to you and says “can I help you find anything?” More than likely you blow her off and say “I am just looking.” I don’t need a pushy sales person trying to sell me random things. Then there are other days when you are really after something specific. When you let that girl into your search, shopping I suddenly easier. She knows where to look for those great black pants. She can bring you options to the fitting room when that one did not fit. I was that girl.

During my consignment shop days, I loved it when people would ask for my help, “My son is getting married and I don’t want to spend a fortune on outfits for the different events.” I would run around the store and find several options in her size and bring them to her and gauge her opinion. Once she started to like a look, I would bring shoes and bags to show her what the complete look would be. For me, it wasn’t about her buying all the pieces I showed her. It was about her feeling excited and confident about the pieces she did buy.

As a personal stylist now, my goals are still the same. I want people to feel confident, in everyday life and at the special events. Great style is for everyone and for everyday!

Do you know what a personal stylist is? Do you know what a personal stylist could do for you? I can’t tell you what other stylist will do but my client is that real woman. She may not have the biggest budget for designer pieces, she may also be pressed for time and not able to go around to a hundred stores looking for exactly what she needs. That is where I come in! My services are broken down into packages based on what you may need. So if you need to start from scratch we can do that! Clean out the closet, create mood boards for your new look, shop together or I can bring the options to you! Maybe you are heading back to the office for the first time in a while and want to get some new pieces to amp up your work day looks. Let me find exactly what you are looking for!

Do you know someone who is in need of a little wardrobe revamp? Send them my way, shoot me an email with all the details and we can take it from there! After all, what better gift then restoring someones confidence. I can’t wait to help you find that inner style.


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