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The days of shopping online have become more frequent than ever. People are home more and while our purchases may have shifted from work dresses to lounge wear, there are a few tips you should know to shop successfully online. My biggest reservation with buying things online was always the fear that it wouldn’t fit right and I would have to go through the hassle of sending things back. While a lot of stores still have their doors closed, my online shopping method has developed even more. Today I am sharing some of my best tips so that you can send fewer items back.

Shop Consistently

Staying loyal to particular stores or brands is really in everyone’s best interest. The more you shop in one particular location the more you learn about a brand. Take Target for example, through my many years of shopping I have learned that while Xhilaration may be slightly cheaper of a buy, I know I will more than likely need to go up a size since the line is technically for juniors. Universal Thread on the other hand is a boho easy going vibe and the clothing are cut to hang loose, so some pieces I can go down a size.

Reviews, reviews, reviews

Some companies that are more exclusive to online, like Lulu’s, take a lot of pride in their reviews. Look for details from others, such as “runs small through the arms” “Fits me perfect and here are my measurements!” We are all looking out for each other right? #womansupportingwoman

Know your stuff

We have all been there, we go to look up a size guide online and then are faced with a bunch of numbers that you don’t know off the top of your head. Do yourself a favor, take out your measuring tape and measure your hips, chest and waist for a starter. Record these measurements on a note in your phone so you always have them handy.


A great way to make sure you have checked all your bases for deals and discounts is Honey. This handy little “app” will search all coupon codes for you before you proceed to check out. If you are on the fence about a purchase, sign up for the email list. A lot of times companies will send you a discount code for your first purchase as an incentive to come back to the site.

Create an account

Most shoppers prefer to bypass the create an account portion of the online shopping process. Many sites have streamlined this process by allowing connections with Facebook and Google. I highly recommend creating an account even if it means typing in all of you information. Having an account is like having a customer service person there who can help you once the order is placed. You have a point of reference of when the order was shipped and can now track the item. You can look up previous purchases in case you want another great shirt exactly like the one you already have. If you do have to send something back, you have the receipt right there in your account for an easy faster return process. Not to mention, if the site has reward points, frequent shopper discounts or pop up sales, people with an account are the first to know!

I hope these tips will help you as we continue to evolve as consumers. If you are looking for someone to take the lead for you when it comes to shopping, I would love to help! Shoot me an email below at


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