Weekly Wedding Words: The Bridal Bag

Every wedding I do, I come prepared. One of my gifts to the Bride and the Bridal party is an Emergency kit for the day of. This is usually a small make up bag or small tote with items for any quick fix you may need. Now that it is time for my own wedding, I am checking all the boxes in my mental checklist. So if you are getting down to the wire to your big day, follow this guide for all the secrets inside my day of Emergency kits.ACS_0299

The Bridal/Bridesmaids kit: I have this bag or case up in the Bridal suite starting the minute the ladies arrive!

Q tips

Mini deodorant

Tampons and liners


Bobbie pins




Safety pins

Sewing kit


Tide stick

Mouth wash or tic tacks

The Grooms/Groomsmen Kit: A lot of repeat items but also a few touches to help a guy out.

Q tips



Tic tacks or mouth wash


Tide stick

Safety pins

Extra pair of black socks

The Wedding planner kit: This kit is for me and my team for our day of duties. Rather than a cute makeup size, it’s more of a tote or tool box, but it holds just about anything I could need on site.


Fishing line

Screw drivers

AA batteries

AAA batteries

Tide stick

Safety pins

Band aids


White duct tape

Regular tape

Clip board

Extra pens

2 lighters

Floral tape

Flower sheers

Disposable gloves

Tissues ( I am a sucker for a good father daughter dance)


The moral of the story is, you never know what is going to happen, a delicate display could tip over, the wind could be blowing your arbor away, or your battery operated light display could burn out. No matter what happens, as a day of coordinator, I do everything I can to be prepared. If you need help bringing together your big day, send me an email at Thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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